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  • Creator:   Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  • Updated:   11/23/2021
  • Contains:  8 items

Ethically Justified, Practical Guidance for the Professionally Responsible Investigation of Maternal-Fetal Intervention for Fetal or Neonatal Benefit

Chervenak, Frank A.; McCullough, Laurence B.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 3(3):208-212, July 2021.

Highlight: This article present an ethical framework based on the ethical principles of beneficence, respect for autonomy, and justice, the professional virtue of integrity, and the ethical concept of the fetus as a patient and identify the implications of this ethical framework for the qualifications that centers for maternal-fetal intervention should satisfy.

A Brief Overview of a Round Table Discussion About Venous Thromboembolism in Pregnancy During the First International Forum on Chinese Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Wang, Chen; Yang, Hui-Xia

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 2(3):129-130, July 2020.

Highlight: Current guidelines or expert opinions on VTE treatment or prophylaxis during pregnancy diverge significantly. High quality research in this area is still needed, and China needs to develop its own VTE guidelines.

Preconception Care—East Meets West

Barrett, Jon; Zhou, Qiong-Jie

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 1(2):65-67, October 2019.

Highlight: This article discussed about current practice model and related diversity of (PCC) worldwide. Most outline the prenatal care system that has successfully been established in China and then contrast it prenatal care as it is developing in urban Western societies

Urgent Need of Continuing Medical Education: The Key for Patient Awareness of Labor Epidural Analgesia – A Survey of Chinese Perinatal Care Providers

Zhao, Peishan; Hu, Ling-Qun; Liu, Chunyuan; More

Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 3(3):169-175, July 2021.

Highlight: This survey was designed to understand the misconceptions about labor epidurals.