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Updates on Citations Received

Maternal-Fetal Medicine has received a good track record of citations, including one from The Lancet Infectious Diseases

The review article entitled “Issues meriting further study in preventing mother-to-infant transmission of hepatitis B by antiviral therapy during pregnancy”, which was published in first issue of 2019 in journal Maternal-Fetal Medicine by Editorial Board Member Prof. Yi-Hua Zhou, received one citation from an article that was recently published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases(IF:24.446). The citing article is entitled “Efficacy and safety of antiviral prophylaxis during pregnancy to prevent mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus: a systematic review and meta-analysis”.


Till date, the cited data of articles published in Maternal-Fetal Medicine is summarized in the below table. More high-quality papers published in the journal have received citations, but due to the time lag of Web of Science updating cited reference data, the citation information usually takes time to be fully shown. In the future, we will timely release the citation data to keep readers and authors updated.

MFM-updated citations.jpg

In addition, there are 8 article published in the journal have been included in the PubMed Central (PMC).

 MFM-PMC papers.jpg

The editorial office is committed to continue working closely with the editorial team to publish high-level academic papers, and to uphold high standards of developing Maternal-Fetal Medicine into one of the top international academic journals in the subject field.