January 2023 - Volume 30 - Issue 1 : Menopause

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January 2023 - Volume 30 - Issue 1
pp: 1-117

Estimation of placebo effect in randomized placebo-controlled trials for moderate or severe vasomotor symptoms: a meta-analysis

Zhou, Tianyu

Menopause. 30(1):5-10, January 2023.

Relationship between handgrip strength and endogenous hormones in postmenopausal women

García-Alfaro, Pascual; García, Sandra; Rodriguez, Ignacio; More

Menopause. 30(1):11-17, January 2023.

Palpitations across the menopause transition in SWAN: trajectories, characteristics, and associations with subclinical cardiovascular disease

Carpenter, Janet S.; Cortés, Yamnia I.; Tisdale, James E.; More

Menopause. 30(1):18-27, January 2023.

The association of hormone therapy with blood pressure control in postmenopausal women with hypertension: a secondary analysis of the Women's Health Initiative clinical trials

Jiang, Xuezhi; Aragaki, Aaron K.; Nudy, Matthew; More

Menopause. 30(1):28-36, January 2023.

The association between diabetes type, age of onset, and age at natural menopause: a retrospective cohort study using the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

Mehra, Vrati M.; Costanian, Christy; McCague, Hugh; More

Menopause. 30(1):37-44, January 2023.

Effects of bothersome symptoms during the late reproductive stage and menopausal transition: observations from the Women Living Better Survey

Woods, Nancy Fugate; Coslov, Nina; Richardson, Marcie K.

Menopause. 30(1):45-55, January 2023.

Relationship of sarcopenia with bone geometry and mass among postmenopausal women

França, Caroline F.; Miranda, Camila; Martins, Fernanda M.; More

Menopause. 30(1):63-69, January 2023.

Treatment and resource utilization for menopausal symptoms in the United States: a retrospective review of real-world evidence from US electronic health records

DePree, Barbara; Houghton, Katherine; Shiozawa, Aki; More

Menopause. 30(1):70-79, January 2023.

A dietary intervention for vasomotor symptoms of menopause: a randomized, controlled trial

Barnard, Neal D.; Kahleova, Hana; Holtz, Danielle N.; More

Menopause. 30(1):80-87, January 2023.

Changes in cardiovascular disease risk factors during menopausal transition in Japanese women: the Circulatory Risk in Communities Study (CIRCS)

Teramura, Saki; Sankai, Tomoko; Yamagishi, Kazumasa; More

Menopause. 30(1):88-94, January 2023.

Effects of nutritional interventions on the severity of depressive and anxiety symptoms of women in the menopausal transition and menopause: a systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression

Grigolon, Ruth B.; Ceolin, Gilciane; Deng, Yan; More

Menopause. 30(1):95-107, January 2023.

Resistance training for postmenopausal women: systematic review and meta-analysis

Sá, Kamilla Mayr Martins; da Silva, Gabriela Resende; Martins, Ulisses Kiskissian; More

Menopause. 30(1):108-116, January 2023.