July 2010 - Volume 17 - Issue 4
pp: 667-886

Calcium/vitamin D supplementation and coronary artery calcification in the Women's Health Initiative

Manson, JoAnn E.; Allison, Matthew A.; Carr, J. Jeffrey; More

Menopause. 17(4):683-691, July 2010.

Early menopausal hormone use influences brain regions used for visual working memory

Berent-Spillson, Alison; Persad, Carol C.; Love, Tiffany; More

Menopause. 17(4):692-699, July 2010.

Desvenlafaxine and escitalopram for the treatment of postmenopausal women with major depressive disorder

Soares, Claudio N.; Thase, Michael E.; Clayton, Anita; More

Menopause. 17(4):700-711, July 2010.

Effects of exercise training on autonomic dysfunction management in an experimental model of menopause and myocardial infarction

Flores, Lucinar J.; Figueroa, Diego; Sanches, Iris C.; More

Menopause. 17(4):712-717, July 2010.

Obesity and reproductive hormone levels in the transition to menopause

Freeman, Ellen W.; Sammel, Mary D.; Lin, Hui; More

Menopause. 17(4):718-726, July 2010.

The multidisciplinary management of menopausal symptoms after breast cancer: a unique model of care

Hickey, Martha; Emery, Laura I.; Gregson, Jane; More

Menopause. 17(4):727-733, July 2010.

Hormone therapy discontinuation: physician practices after the Women's Health Initiative

Newton, Katherine M.; Reed, Susan D.; Grothaus, Louis C.; More

Menopause. 17(4):734-740, July 2010.

The effect of diet and cardiovascular risk on ovarian aging in cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)

Appt, Susan E.; Chen, Haiying; Goode, Amanda K.; More

Menopause. 17(4):741-748, July 2010.

Endothelial-mediated microcirculatory responses to an acute estradiol test are influenced by time since menopause, cumulative hormone exposure, and vasomotor symptoms

Clapauch, Ruth; Mecenas, Anete S.; Maranhão, Priscila A.; More

Menopause. 17(4):749-757, July 2010.

Similar phenotype characteristics comparing familial and sporadic premature ovarian failure

Janse, Femi; Knauff, Erik A.H.; Niermeijer, Martinus F.; More

Menopause. 17(4):758-765, July 2010.

Differential effects of 17β-estradiol and raloxifene on bone and lipid metabolism in rats with chronic kidney disease and estrogen insufficiency

Naves-Díaz, Manuel; Carrillo-López, Natalia; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Aránzazu; More

Menopause. 17(4):766-771, July 2010.

Breast density changes associated with postmenopausal hormone therapy: post hoc radiologist- and computer-based analyses

Nielsen, Mads; Pettersen, Paola C.; Alexandersen, Peter; More

Menopause. 17(4):772-778, July 2010.

Insulin resistance independently influences arterial stiffness in normoglycemic normotensive postmenopausal women

Park, Jong Suk; Nam, Ji Sun; Cho, Min Ho; More

Menopause. 17(4):779-784, July 2010.

Associations between markers of inflammation and physiological and pharmacological levels of circulating sex hormones in postmenopausal women

Karim, Roksana; Stanczyk, Frank Z.; Hodis, Howard N.; More

Menopause. 17(4):785-790, July 2010.

Effect of exercise and Cimicifuga racemosa (CR BNO 1055) on bone mineral density, 10-year coronary heart disease risk, and menopausal complaints: the randomized controlled Training and Cimicifuga racemosa Erlangen (TRACE) study

Bebenek, Michael; Kemmler, Wolfgang; von Stengel, Simon; More

Menopause. 17(4):791-800, July 2010.

Menopause, Cognition and Mental Health

Menopausal transition, mood, and cognition: an integrated view to close the gaps

Soares, Claudio N.; Maki, Pauline M.

Menopause. 17(4):812-814, July 2010.

Summary of the National Institute on Aging-sponsored conference on depressive symptoms and cognitive complaints in the menopausal transition

Maki, Pauline M.; Freeman, Ellen W.; Greendale, Gail A.; More

Menopause. 17(4):815-822, July 2010.

Associations of depression with the transition to menopause

Freeman, Ellen W.

Menopause. 17(4):823-827, July 2010.

The influence of menopause status and postmenopausal use of hormone therapy on presentation of major depression in women

Kornstein, Susan G.; Young, Elizabeth A.; Harvey, Annie T.; More

Menopause. 17(4):828-839, July 2010.

Shift in the brain network of emotional regulation in midlife women: is the menopausal transition the turning point?

Frey, Benicio N.; Hall, Geoffrey B.; Attard, Stefanie; More

Menopause. 17(4):840-845, July 2010.

Effect of sex and estrogen therapy on the aging brain: a voxel-based morphometry study

Lord, Catherine; Engert, Veronika; Lupien, Sonia J.; More

Menopause. 17(4):846-851, July 2010.

Cholinergic modulation of hippocampal activity during episodic memory encoding in postmenopausal women: a pilot study

Dumas, Julie A.; McDonald, Brenna C.; Saykin, Andrew J.; More

Menopause. 17(4):852-859, July 2010.

Estrogen treatment impairs cognitive performance after psychosocial stress and monoamine depletion in postmenopausal women

Newhouse, Paul A.; Dumas, Julie; Wilkins, Heather; More

Menopause. 17(4):860-873, July 2010.

A review of estrogen receptor α gene (ESR1) polymorphisms, mood, and cognition

Sundermann, Erin E.; Maki, Pauline M.; Bishop, Jeffrey R.

Menopause. 17(4):874-886, July 2010.