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January 2008 - Volume 15 - Issue 1
pp: 1-205

Childhood abuse or neglect is associated with increased vasomotor symptom reporting among midlife women

Thurston, Rebecca C.; Bromberger, Joyce; Chang, Yuefang; More

Menopause. 15(1):16-22, January 2008.

Decreased androgen concentrations and diminished general and sexual well-being in women with premature ovarian failure

van der Stege, Jolande G.; Groen, Henk; van Zadelhoff, Saskia J. N.; More

Menopause. 15(1):23-31, January 2008.

Use of complementary and alternative medicine during the menopause transition: longitudinal results from the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation

Bair, Yali A.; Gold, Ellen B.; Zhang, Guili; More

Menopause. 15(1):32-43, January 2008.

Effects of estradiol and the angiotensin II receptor blocker irbesartan on vascular function in postmenopausal women

Mirza, Faryal S.; Ong, Paul; Collins, Peter; More

Menopause. 15(1):44-50, January 2008.

Vaginal, endometrial, and reproductive hormone findings: randomized, placebo-controlled trial of black cohosh, multibotanical herbs, and dietary soy for vasomotor symptoms: the Herbal Alternatives for Menopause (HALT) Study

Reed, Susan D.; Newton, Katherine M.; LaCroix, Andrea Z.; More

Menopause. 15(1):51-58, January 2008.

Association of pelvic organ prolapse and fractures in postmenopausal women: analysis of baseline data from the Women's Health Initiative Estrogen Plus Progestin trial

Pal, Lubna; Hailpern, Susan M.; Santoro, Nanette F.; More

Menopause. 15(1):59-66, January 2008.

Histologic changes in the breast with menopausal hormone therapy use: correlation with breast density, estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and proliferation indices

Harvey, Jennifer A.; Santen, Richard J.; Petroni, Gina R.; More

Menopause. 15(1):67-73, January 2008.

Vulvar lichen sclerosus: effect of maintenance treatment with a moisturizer on the course of the disease

Simonart, Thierry; Lahaye, Marc; Simonart, Jean-Marie

Menopause. 15(1):74-77, January 2008.

Hormone therapy and coronary heart disease in young women

Weiner, Mark G.; Barnhart, Kurt; Xie, Dawei; More

Menopause. 15(1):86-93, January 2008.

The effect of transdermal and vaginal estrogen therapy on markers of postmenopausal estrogen status

Gupta, Pratima; Özel, Begüm; Stanczyk, Frank Z.; More

Menopause. 15(1):94-97, January 2008.

Effects of estradiol and raloxifene on arterial thrombosis in ovariectomized mice

Abu-Fanne, Rami; Brzezinski, Amnon; Golomb, Mordechai; More

Menopause. 15(1):98-104, January 2008.

Association of estrogen-related polymorphisms with age at menarche, age at final menstrual period, and stages of the menopausal transition

Mitchell, Ellen S.; Farin, Frederico M.; Stapleton, Patricia L.; More

Menopause. 15(1):105-111, January 2008.

Oxidative stress, body fat composition, and endocrine status in pre- and postmenopausal women

Pansini, Francesco; Cervellati, Carlo; Guariento, Angela; More

Menopause. 15(1):112-118, January 2008.

Associations of blood selenium and serum lipid levels in Japanese premenopausal and postmenopausal women

Karita, Kanae; Yamanouchi, Yasuko; Takano, Takako; More

Menopause. 15(1):119-124, January 2008.

Daidzein-rich isoflavone aglycones are potentially effective in reducing hot flashes in menopausal women

Khaodhiar, Lalita; Ricciotti, Hope A.; Li, Linglin; More

Menopause. 15(1):125-134, January 2008.

Influences of menopause, aging, and gender on the cleavage of type II collagen in cartilage in relationship to bone turnover

Kojima, Toshihisa; Kojima, Masayo; Noda, Kazuya; More

Menopause. 15(1):133-137, January 2008.

The impact of extroversion or menopause status on depressive symptoms among climacteric women in Taiwan: neuroticism as moderator or mediator?

Lin, Mei-Fang; Ko, Huei-Chen; Wu, Jo Y. W.; More

Menopause. 15(1):138-143, January 2008.

Impact of menopause on quality of life in community-based women in China

Chen, Ying; Lin, Shou-Qing; Wei, Yang; More

Menopause. 15(1):144-149, January 2008.

Fasting triglyceride is a major determinant of postprandial triglyceride response in postmenopausal women

Hwu, Chii-Min; Lin, Ming-Wei; Liou, Teh-Ling; More

Menopause. 15(1):150-156, January 2008.

Changes in lipid metabolism in postmenopausal Japanese women using hormone therapy evaluated by capillary isotachophoresis: a pilot study

Inoue, Yoshihito; Zhang, Bo; Sadamori, Riko; More

Menopause. 15(1):157-163, January 2008.

Trends of determinants of hormone therapy use in Italian women attending menopause clinics, 1997-2003

Parazzini, Fabio; and the Progetto Menopausa Italia Study Group

Menopause. 15(1):164-170, January 2008.

Lignan-rich sesame seed negates the tumor-inhibitory effect of tamoxifen but maintains bone health in a postmenopausal athymic mouse model with estrogen-responsive breast tumors

Sacco, Sandra M.; Chen, Jianmin; Power, Krista A.; More

Menopause. 15(1):171-179, January 2008.

Circulating osteoprotegerin is associated with age and systolic blood pressure, but not with lipid profile or fasting glucose, in postmenopausal women

Uemura, Hirokazu; Yasui, Toshiyuki; Miyatani, Yuka; More

Menopause. 15(1):180-184, January 2008.

Association of general and abdominal obesities and metabolic syndrome with subclinical atherosclerosis in asymptomatic Chinese postmenopausal women

Yu, Ruby H.Y.; Ho, Suzanne C.; Ho, Stella S.Y.; More

Menopause. 15(1):185-192, January 2008.

Psychoeducational interventions to alleviate hot flashes: a systematic review

Tremblay, Anouk; Sheeran, Lisa; Aranda, Sanchia K.

Menopause. 15(1):193-202, January 2008.