May-June 2007 - Volume 14 - Issue 3
pp: 341-554

Estrogen effects on arteries vary with stage of reproductive life and extent of subclinical atherosclerosis progression

Clarkson, Thomas B.

Menopause. 14(3):373-384, May-June 2007.


Sex hormone ratio changes in men and postmenopausal women with coronary artery disease

He, Hong; Yang, Falin; Liu, Xianxi; More

Menopause. 14(3):385-390, May-June 2007.

Effect of ultra-low-dose transdermal estradiol on breast density in postmenopausal women

Grady, Deborah; Vittinghoff, Eric; Lin, Feng; More

Menopause. 14(3):391-396, May-June 2007.

Women's health during mid-life survey: the use of complementary and alternative medicine by symptomatic women transitioning through menopause in Sydney

van der Sluijs, Corinne Patching; Bensoussan, Alan; Liyanage, Liwan; More

Menopause. 14(3):397-403, May-June 2007.

Menopause, but not age, is an independent risk factor for fasting plasma glucose levels in nondiabetic women

Otsuki, Michio; Kasayama, Soji; Morita, Shinya; More

Menopause. 14(3):404-407, May-June 2007.

Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the effects of drospirenone-estradiol on blood pressure and potassium balance in hypertensive postmenopausal women receiving hydrochlorothiazide

Preston, Richard A.; Norris, Paul M.; Alonso, Alberto B.; More

Menopause. 14(3):408-414, May-June 2007.

Helping midlife women predict the onset of the final menses: SWAN, the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation

Santoro, Nanette; Brockwell, Sarah; Johnston, Janet; More

Menopause. 14(3):415-424, May-June 2007.

Endogenous estrogen is not associated with cognitive performance before, during, or after menopause

Herlitz, Agneta; Thilers, Petra; Habib, Reza

Menopause. 14(3):425-431, May-June 2007.

Effect of weight reduction on quality of life and eating behaviors in obese women

Lemoine, Sophie; Rossell, Nadia; Drapeau, Vicky; More

Menopause. 14(3):432-440, May-June 2007.

Provider management of menopause after the findings of the Women's Health Initiative

Rolnick, Sharon J.; Jackson, Jody; Kopher, Richard; More

Menopause. 14(3):441-449, May-June 2007.

Longitudinal evaluation of serum leptin and bone mineral density in early postmenopausal women

Di Carlo, Costantino; Tommaselli, Giovanni A.; Di Spiezio Sardo, Attilio; More

Menopause. 14(3):450-454, May-June 2007.

High prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in Chilean healthy postmenopausal women with normal sun exposure: additional evidence for a worldwide concern

González, Gilberto; Alvarado, José N.; Rojas, Auristela; More

Menopause. 14(3):455-461, May-June 2007.

Decline in use of hormone therapy among postmenopausal women in the United Kingdom

Menon, Usha; Burnell, Matthew; Sharma, Aarti; More

Menopause. 14(3):462-467, May-June 2007.

Isoflavone treatment for acute menopausal symptoms

Cheng, Guojun; Wilczek, Brigitte; Warner, Margaret; More

Menopause. 14(3):468-473, May-June 2007.

7α-Methyl-ethinyl estradiol is not a metabolite of tibolone but a chemical stress artifact

Dröge, Melloney J.; Oostebring, Freddy; Oosting, Ep; More

Menopause. 14(3):474-480, May-June 2007.

Effects of soy protein isolate and moderate exercise on bone turnover and bone mineral density in postmenopausal women

Evans, Ellen M.; Racette, Susan B.; Van Pelt, Rachael E.; More

Menopause. 14(3):481-488, May-June 2007.

Effects of soy isoflavone supplementation on cognitive function in Chinese postmenopausal women: a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial

Ho, Suzanne C.; Chan, Agnes S. Y.; Ho, Yee Ping; More

Menopause. 14(3):489-499, May-June 2007.

Interaction of obesity and skeletal bone mineral density in tooth retention in Japanese postmenopausal women

Taguchi, Akira; Tsuda, Mikio; Ohtsuka, Masahiko; More

Menopause. 14(3):500-504, May-June 2007.

Oxybutynin for refractory hot flashes in cancer patients

Sexton, Tracy; Younus, Jawaid; Perera, Francisco; More

Menopause. 14(3):505-509, May-June 2007.

The effects of combined raloxifene and oral estrogen on vasomotor symptoms and endometrial safety

Stovall, Dale W.; Utian, Wulf H.; Gass, Margery L.S.; More

Menopause. 14(3):510-517, May-June 2007.

Preferential prescribing of tibolone and combined estrogen plus progestogen therapy in postmenopausal women

Velthuis-te Wierik, Erica J.M.; Hendricks, Paul T.; Martinez, Carlos

Menopause. 14(3):518-527, May-June 2007.

Relative effects of exercise training and alendronate treatment on skeletal muscle function of ovariectomized rats

Widrick, Jeffrey J.; Fuchs, Robyn; Maddalozzo, Gianni F.; More

Menopause. 14(3):528-534, May-June 2007.

Lack of perceived sleep improvement after 4-month structured exercise programs

Elavsky, Steriani; McAuley, Edward

Menopause. 14(3):535-540, May-June 2007.

Botanical and dietary supplements for mood and anxiety in menopausal women

Geller, Stacie E.; Studee, Laura

Menopause. 14(3):541-549, May-June 2007.

Levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system as an adjunct to estrogen for the treatment of menopausal symptoms-a review

Peled, Yoav; Perri, Tamar; Pardo, Yosef; More

Menopause. 14(3):550-554, May-June 2007.