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September-October 2006 - Volume 13 - Issue 5
pp: 713-850

Hormone therapy and cerebrovascular events: a population-based nested case-control study

Arana, Alejandro; Varas, Cristina; González-Pérez, Antonio; More

Menopause. 13(5):730-736, September-October 2006.

A randomized comparative study of the effects of oral and topical estrogen therapy on the vaginal vascularization and sexual function in hysterectomized postmenopausal women

Long, Cheng-Yu; Liu, Cheng-Min; Hsu, Shih-Cheng; More

Menopause. 13(5):737-743, September-October 2006.

Efficacy and safety of a special extract of Rheum rhaponticum (ERr 731) in perimenopausal women with climacteric complaints: a 12-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Heger, Marianne; Ventskovskiy, Boris M.; Borzenko, Irina; More

Menopause. 13(5):744-759, September-October 2006.

A pilot study of mindfulness-based stress reduction for hot flashes

Carmody, James; Crawford, Sybil; Churchill, Linda

Menopause. 13(5):760-769, September-October 2006.

Testosterone patch for the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder in naturally menopausal women: results from the INTIMATE NM1 Study

Shifren, Jan L.; Davis, Susan R.; Moreau, Michele; More

Menopause. 13(5):770-779, September-October 2006.

Escitalopram versus ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone acetate for symptomatic peri- and postmenopausal women: impact on depression, vasomotor symptoms, sleep, and quality of life

Soares, Claudio N.; Arsenio, Helga; Joffe, Hadine; More

Menopause. 13(5):780-786, September-October 2006.

Effect of long-term treatment with raloxifene on mammary density in postmenopausal women

Lasco, Antonino; Gaudio, Agostino; Morini, Elisa; More

Menopause. 13(5):787-792, September-October 2006.

Lidocaine pharmacokinetics in postmenopausal women on hormone therapy

Gawronska-Szklarz, Barbara; Zarzycki, Mariusz; Musial, Heros David; More

Menopause. 13(5):793-798, September-October 2006.

Differential associations for menopause and age in measures of vitamin K, osteocalcin, and bone density: a cross-sectional exploratory study in healthy volunteers

Lukacs, Jane L.; Booth, Sarah; Kleerekoper, Michael; More

Menopause. 13(5):799-808, September-October 2006.

Menopause, insulin resistance, and risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Manco, Melania; Nolfe, Giuseppe; Calvani, Menotti; More

Menopause. 13(5):809-817, September-October 2006.

Different effects of tibolone and low-dose EPT in the management of postmenopausal women with primary headaches

Nappi, Rossella E.; Sances, Grazia; Sommacal, Arianna; More

Menopause. 13(5):818-825, September-October 2006.

Immunohistochemical expression of p63 in endometrial polyps: evidence that a basal cell immunophenotype is maintained

Nogueira, Antonio Alberto; Sant'Ana de Almeida, Elza Carvalho; Poli Neto, Omero Benedicto; More

Menopause. 13(5):826-830, September-October 2006.

Isoflavone supplements containing predominantly genistein reduce hot flash symptoms: a critical review of published studies

Williamson-Hughes, Patricia S.; Flickinger, Brent D.; Messina, Mark J.; More

Menopause. 13(5):831-839, September-October 2006.

Effects of intranasal 17β-estradiol administration on serum bioactive interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein levels in healthy postmenopausal women

Rachon, Dominik; Suchecka-Rachon´, Krystyna; Hak, Lukasz; More

Menopause. 13(5):840-845, September-October 2006.