September-October 2005 - Volume 12 - Issue 5 : Menopause

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September-October 2005 - Volume 12 - Issue 5
pp: 483-650

Is sternal skin conductance monitoring a valid measure of hot flash intensity or distress?

Carpenter, Janet S; Azzouz, Faouzi; Monahan, Patrick O; More

Menopause. 12(5):512-519, September-October 2005.

Bleeding patterns during continuous estradiol with different sequential progestogens therapy

Carlo, Costantino Di; Sammartino, Annalidia; Sardo, Attilio Di Spiezio; More

Menopause. 12(5):520-525, September-October 2005.

Effects of transdermal and oral postmenopausal hormone therapy on vascular function: a randomized, placebo-controlled study in healthy postmenopausal women

Hemelaar, Majoie; van der Mooren, Marius J; van Baal, W Marchien; More

Menopause. 12(5):526-535, September-October 2005.

Bone mineral density of American Indian and Alaska Native women compared with non-Hispanic white women: results from the Women's Health Initiative Study

Wampler, Nina S; Chen, Zhao; Jacobsen, Clemma; More

Menopause. 12(5):536-544, September-October 2005.

Hormone therapy and sleep quality in women around menopause

Sarti, Costante Donati; Chiantera, Antonio; Graziottin, Alessandra; More

Menopause. 12(5):545-551, September-October 2005.

Interleukin-6 and flow-mediated dilatation as markers of increased vascular inflammation in women receiving hormone therapy

Vitale, Cristiana; Cornoldi, Alessandra; Gebara, Otavio; More

Menopause. 12(5):552-558, September-October 2005.

The relationship between obesity and race on inhibin B during the menopause transition

Gracia, Clarisa R; Freeman, Ellen W; Sammel, Mary D; More

Menopause. 12(5):559-566, September-October 2005.

Monitoring reproductive aging in a 5-year prospective study: aggregate and individual changes in steroid hormones and menstrual cycle lengths with age

Ferrell, Rebecca J; O'Connor, Kathleen A; Rodríguez, Germán; More

Menopause. 12(5):567-577, September-October 2005.

Are cause of subfertility and in vitro fertilization treatment risk factors for an earlier start of menopause?

de Boer, Evelien J; Tonkelaar, Isolde den; Burger, Curt W; More

Menopause. 12(5):578-588, September-October 2005.

Characterization of the pharmacologic profile of a standardized soy extract in the ovariectomized rat model of menopause: effects on bone, uterus, and lipid profile

Gallo, Daniela; Zannoni, Gian Franco; Apollonio, Patrizia; More

Menopause. 12(5):589-600, September-October 2005.

Hormonal environment in the induction of breast cancer in castrated rats using dimethylbenzanthracene: influence of the presence or absence of ovarian activity and of treatment with estradiol, tibolone, and raloxifene

Callejo, Justo; Cano, Antonio; Medina, Marilyn; More

Menopause. 12(5):601-608, September-October 2005.

Effect of tibolone on turnover of cholesterol to bile acids in ovariectomized rats

Czerny, Boguslaw; Teister, Maria; Juzyszyn, Zygmunt; More

Menopause. 12(5):609-612, September-October 2005.

Neutral effect of prolonged transdermal hormone therapy on liver function of postmenopausal women with chronic active hepatitis

Rinaldi, Maurizio; Cagnacci, Angelo; Pansini, Francesco E; More

Menopause. 12(5):619-622, September-October 2005.

Pilot study of menopause symptoms in a clinic population

Schnatz, Peter F; Banever, Abigail E; Greene, Jack F; More

Menopause. 12(5):623-629, September-October 2005.

Effect of hormone therapy on the enteroinsular axis

Sztefko, Krystyna; Rogatko, Iwona; Milewicz, Tomasz; More

Menopause. 12(5):630-638, September-October 2005.

Does osteopenia warrant treatment?

Simon, James A

Menopause. 12(5):639-648, September-October 2005.