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March-April 2005 - Volume 12 - Issue 2
pp: 117-238

Defining menopause status: creation of a new definition to identify the early changes of the menopausal transition

Gracia, Clarisa R.; Sammel, Mary D.; Freeman, Ellen W.; More

Menopause. 12(2):128-135, March-April 2005.

Plasminogen-activator inhibitor-1 polymorphisms are associated with obesity and fat distribution in the Québec Family Study: evidence of interactions with menopause

Bouchard, Luigi; Mauriège, Pascale; Vohl, Marie-Claude; More

Menopause. 12(2):136-143, March-April 2005.

Relationship between self-reported periodontal status and skeletal bone mineral density in Japanese postmenopausal women

Taguchi, Akira; Suei, Yoshikazu; Ohtsuka, Masahiko; More

Menopause. 12(2):144-148, March-April 2005.

Sleep deprivation, cognitive performance, and hormone therapy in postmenopausal women

Alhola, Paula; Tallus, Maija; Kylmälä, Mervi; More

Menopause. 12(2):149-155, March-April 2005.

Incidence of urinary incontinence in postmenopausal women treated with raloxifene or estrogen

Goldstein, Steven R.; Johnson, Susan; Watts, Nelson B.; More

Menopause. 12(2):160-164, March-April 2005.

Dietary soy protein and isoflavones: minimal beneficial effects on bone and no effect on the reproductive tract of sexually mature ovariectomized Sprague-Dawley rats

Bahr, Janice M.; Nakai, Masaaki; Rivera, Alexander; More

Menopause. 12(2):165-173, March-April 2005.

Effects of phytoestrogens on the ovarian and pituitary phenotypes of estrogen-deficient female aromatase knockout mice

Britt, Kara L.; Simpson, Evan R.; Findlay, Jock K.

Menopause. 12(2):174-185, March-April 2005.

Effects of the phytoestrogen genistein on cardiovascular risk factors in postmenopausal women

Crisafulli, Alessandra; Altavilla, Domenica; Marini, Herbert; More

Menopause. 12(2):186-192, March-April 2005.

Cognitive improvement after 6 weeks of soy supplements in postmenopausal women is limited to frontal lobe function

File, Sandra E.; Hartley, David E.; Elsabagh, Sarah; More

Menopause. 12(2):193-201, March-April 2005.

Effects of ospemifene and raloxifene on hormonal status, lipids, genital tract, and tolerability in postmenopausal women

Komi, Janne; Lankinen, Kari S.; Härkönen, Pirkko; More

Menopause. 12(2):202-209, March-April 2005.

Adipose aromatase gene expression is greater in older women and is unaffected by postmenopausal estrogen therapy

Misso, Marie L.; Jang, Christina; Adams, Jennifer; More

Menopause. 12(2):210-215, March-April 2005.

The effect of hormone therapy on plasma homocysteine levels: a randomized clinical trial*

Tutuncu, Levent; Ergur, Ali Rustu; Mungen, Ercument; More

Menopause. 12(2):216-222, March-April 2005.

Effects of postmenopausal hormone therapy every day and every other day on lipid levels according to difference in body mass index

Yasui, Toshiyuki; Umino, Yuka; Takikawa, Masaya; More

Menopause. 12(2):223-231, March-April 2005.

Percutaneous administration of progesterone: blood levels and endometrial protection

Stanczyk, Frank Z.; Paulson, Richard J.; Roy, Subir

Menopause. 12(2):232-237, March-April 2005.