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January-February 2005 - Volume 12 - Issue 1
pp: 1-116

Early postmenopausal hormone therapy may prevent cognitive impairment later in life

Bagger, Yu Z.; Tankó, László B.; Alexandersen, Peter; More

Menopause. 12(1):12-17, January-February 2005.

Citalopram and fluoxetine in the treatment of postmenopausal symptoms: a prospective, randomized, 9-month, placebo-controlled, double-blind study

Suvanto-Luukkonen, Eila; Koivunen, Riitta; Sundström, Helena; More

Menopause. 12(1):18-26, January-February 2005.

Pilot study prospectively evaluating the use of the measurement of preoperative sonographic endometrial thickness in postmenopausal patients with endometrial cancer

Eitan, Ram; Saenz, Cheryl C.; Venkatraman, Ennapadam S.; More

Menopause. 12(1):27-30, January-February 2005.

Use of conventional and complementary health care during the transition to menopause: longitudinal results from the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN)

Bair, Yali A.; Gold, Ellen B.; Azari, Rahman A.; More

Menopause. 12(1):31-39, January-February 2005.

Hormone therapy and coronary artery calcification in asymptomatic postmenopausal women: the Rancho Bernardo Study

Barrett-Connor, Elizabeth; Laughlin, Gail A.

Menopause. 12(1):40-48, January-February 2005.

Knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of healthcare providers for botanical and dietary supplement use for postmenopausal health

Geller, Stacie E.; Studee, Laura; Chandra, Gopika

Menopause. 12(1):49-55, January-February 2005.

A randomized, placebo-controlled trial on the effects of soy protein containing isoflavones on quality of life in postmenopausal women

Kok, Linda; Kreijkamp-Kaspers, Sanne; Grobbee, Diederick E.; More

Menopause. 12(1):56-62, January-February 2005.

Changes in bone turnover markers after calcium-enriched milk supplementation in healthy postmenopausal women: a randomized, double-blind, prospective clinical trial

Palacios, Santiago; Castelo-Branco, Camil; Cifuentes, Isabel; More

Menopause. 12(1):63-68, January-February 2005.

Activation of nitric oxide synthesis in human endothelial cells by red clover extracts

Simoncini, Tommaso; Fornari, Letizia; Mannella, Paolo; More

Menopause. 12(1):69-77, January-February 2005.

Use of a standardized menopause symptom rating scale in a sample of women with physical disabilities

Kalpakjian, Claire Z.; Toussaint, Loren L.; Quint, Elisabeth H.; More

Menopause. 12(1):78-87, January-February 2005.

Depression and bone mineral density in a community sample of perimenopausal women: Geelong Osteoporosis Study

Jacka, Felice N.; Pasco, Julie A.; Henry, Margaret J.; More

Menopause. 12(1):88-91, January-February 2005.

Effects of two continuous hormone therapy regimens on C-reactive protein and homocysteine

Barnes, Judith F.; Farish, Elizabeth; Rankin, Marion; More

Menopause. 12(1):92-98, January-February 2005.

Effect of estrogen therapy on cerebral arteries during stroke in female rats

Goodrow, Gwen J.; Vitullo, Lisa; Cipolla, Marilyn J.

Menopause. 12(1):99-109, January-February 2005.

The case for less-than-monthly progestogen in women on HT: is transvaginal ultrasound the key?

Goldstein, Steven R.

Menopause. 12(1):110-113, January-February 2005.

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