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Safety of Vaginal Estrogens: A Recap of a Systematic Review

Video Author: Carolyn J. Crandall, MD, MS
Published on: 02.20.2020
Associated with: Menopause. 27(3):339-360, March 2020

In this video, Dr. Carolyn J. Crandall describes the key findings and clinical “take-home messages” of the systematic review regarding safety of vaginal estrogens that her team recently performed.

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Creator: Robert-Wild MD,MPH,PHD
Duration: 5:00
Assessing CVD risk using Framingham Risk Scores or American Heart Association ASCVD Risk Scores at baseline in the WHI Randomized Clinical Trial Cohorts more accurately predicted actual CVD events at 8.2 years and at 17.6 years follow-up than did age or years since menopause at baseline. The findings stress the importance of assessing CVD risk when Hormone Therapy is initiated. This can identify persons in need of controlling CVD risk factors and it can help better inform risk/benefit decisions. If CVD scores are elevated other risk assessments such as coronary calcium scoring might follow to enhance the accuracy of risk prediction.
Duration: 4:52
Dr. Juliana Kling, first author, describes a summary of findings from their manuscript “Associations of Sleep and Female Sexual Function: Good Sleep Quality Matters.” The evaluated potential associations between sleep (quality and duration) and sexual function using validated tools after accounting for factors that may influence both outcomes. Overall, poor sleep quality was associated with a greater risk for Female Sexual Dysfunction. While shorter sleep duration correlated with a greater risk for FSD on univariate analysis, this finding appears to be moderated by other factors known to associate with both short sleep duration and FSD. Conversely, good sleep quality was associated with sexual activity. Therefore, this study shows that sleep quality appears to be linked to female sexual function and sexual activity. In addition to its myriad effects on health, poor sleep quality may be independently associated with FSD.
Creator: Bingyan Gong
Duration: 3:53
This video describes the relationship between cognitive function, depression, and difficulty in activities of daily living in postmenopausal women.
Creator: Jee-Seon Yi
Duration: 4:38
A decision tree analysis on the associations of type II diabetes mellitus (DM) to depressive symptoms among midlife women from four major racial/ethnic groups in the U.S.
Creator: Allison Quick
Duration: 3:00
This video is conducted by first author, Allison Quick, on a single arm prospective study of fractional CO2 laser therapy for breast cancer survivors. The study evaluates changes in sexual function questionnaires from baseline to 4 weeks and 12 months after treatment.
Creator: Nikoletta Mili
Duration: 6:03
Video summary of the article entitled “Genitourinary syndrome of menopause: A systematic review on prevalence and treatment”. This article aimed to systematically review the literature to investigate the prevalence of GSM and its treatment. GSM is a highly prevalent condition among women. Nevertheless, women are frequently not aware of its cause and its treatment options. The findings of this review underline the need for education of patients and health care professionals regarding GSM diagnosis and treatment options.
Creator: Mohammad Bokhari
Duration: 4:04
An overview of the findings from a longitudinal cohort study on the contribution of the menopause transition on changes in abdominal visceral adipose tissue.
Creator: ProHealth Care Studio department
Duration: 4:47
A Q&A video conducted in interview style addressing the study related to fractional C02 laser therapy for vulvovaginal symptoms in menopause. The Q&A addresses what the study is about, who the treatment benefits and how the treatment is delivered.
Creator: Kim Pauwaert
Duration: 5:00
Video summary for “Hormone therapy as a possible solution for postmenopausal women with nocturia: results of a pilot trial”
Creator: Maria P. Velez
Duration: 2:57
Menopausal Characteristics and Framingham Risk Scores for Cardiovascular Disease.
Age at Menopause.
Surgical menopause.
Hystercetomy. Oophorectomy.
Creator: Nancy Phillips & Gloria Bachmann
Duration: 2:58
Drs Phillips and Bachmann introduce their manuscript via a role play of physician/patient discussing GSM
Creator: Nancy Woods
Duration: 5:20
Scoping review of late reproductive stage.
Creator: Lisa Taylor-Swanson
Duration: 4:22
This video provides an overview of our research on the hashtag “#menopause” in Instagram and literature in PubMed on the topic of menopause.
Creator: No sponsor
Duration: 3:10
Satisfaction with RRSO in BRCA mutation carriers
Creator: Aniekan Akpaffiong
Duration: 1:30
Early menopause, Troponin and Heart Failure
Creator: Gretchen Swabe
Duration: 3:05
This video is a brief summary of our research investigating how estradiol relates to the association of HDL-C on arterial calcification risk in midlife women in the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation.
Creator: Krzysztof Nowosielski
Duration: 6:25
The video presents the results on the study on body image, sexual function, sexual problems and sexual dysfunction in women between 45 and 55 years old, who use menopausal hormonal therapy in comparison with non-users.
Creator: Dr. Jonathan Shaw
Duration: 4:12
A short video introduction to pre-operative frailty screening in post-menopausal women
Creator: Sarah Sheehan Stadler, MD
Duration: 3:51
Review of literature regarding progesterone only for the management of menopausal symptoms