June 2018 - Volume 25 - Issue 6
pp: 579-711

Management of genitourinary syndrome of menopause in women with or at high risk for breast cancer: consensus recommendations from The North American Menopause Society and The International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health

Faubion, Stephanie S.; Larkin, Lisa C.; Stuenkel, Cynthia A.; More

Menopause. 25(6):596-608, June 2018.

History of vasomotor symptoms, extent of coronary artery disease, and clinical outcomes after acute coronary syndrome in postmenopausal women

Ferri, Luca A.; Morici, Nuccia; Bassanelli, Giorgio; More

Menopause. 25(6):635-640, June 2018.

Fractional microablative CO2 laser in breast cancer survivors affected by iatrogenic vulvovaginal atrophy after failure of nonestrogenic local treatments: a retrospective study

Pagano, Tiziana; De Rosa, Pasquale; Vallone, Roberta; More

Menopause. 25(6):657-662, June 2018.

NAMS Practice Pearl

To the Editor

Gonzalez-Isaza, Pablo; Sanchez-Borrego, Rafael; Escribano, Juan; More

Menopause. 25(6):710, June 2018.