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  • Updated:   9/21/2022
  • Contains:  29 items
Last updated: 9/21/22

Immunization for midlife women

Brown, Vivien

Menopause. 29(10):1204-1209, October 2022.

Lights on MsFLASH: a review of contributions

Reed, Susan D.; LaCroix, Andrea Z.; Anderson, Garnet L.; More

Menopause. 27(4):473-484, April 2020.

The menopause transition and women's health at midlife: a progress report from the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN)

El Khoudary, Samar R.; Greendale, Gail; Crawford, Sybil L.; More

Menopause. 26(10):1213-1227, October 2019.