Articles by Wulf H. Utian

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Use of compounded hormone therapy in the United States: report of The North American Menopause Society Survey

Gass, Margery L.S.; Stuenkel, Cynthia A.; Utian, Wulf H.; More

Menopause. 22(12):1276-1285, December 2015.

Algorithm and mobile app for menopausal symptom management and hormonal/non-hormonal therapy decision making: a clinical decision-support tool from The North American Menopause...

Manson, JoAnn E.; Ames, Jeffrey M.; Shapiro, Marla; More

Menopause. 22(3):247-253, March 2015.

Why the product labeling for low-dose vaginal estrogen should be changed

Manson, JoAnn E.; Goldstein, Steven R.; Kagan, Risa; More

Menopause. 21(9):911-916, September 2014.

Letters to the Editor

Gass, Margery L.S.; Manson, JoAnn; Stuenkel, Cynthia; More

Menopause. 19(7):836-837, July 2012.

The Chinese Utian Quality of Life Scale for women around menopause: translation and psychometric testing

Chen, Ping-Ling; Chao, Hsiang-Tai; Chou, Kuei-Ru; More

Menopause. 19(4):438-447, April 2012.

The role of soy isoflavones in menopausal health: report of The North American Menopause Society/Wulf H. Utian Translational Science Symposium in Chicago, IL (October 2010)

Clarkson, Thomas B.; Utian, Wulf H.; Barnes, Stephen; More

Menopause. 18(7):732-753, July 2011.

Bazedoxifene effects on the reproductive tract in postmenopausal women at risk for osteoporosis

Pinkerton, JoAnn V.; Archer, David F.; Utian, Wulf H.; More

Menopause. 16(6):1102-1108, November-December 2009.

Bazedoxifene, a selective estrogen receptor modulator: effects on the endometrium, ovaries, and breast from a randomized controlled trial in osteoporotic postmenopausal women

Archer, David F.; Pinkerton, JoAnn V.; Utian, Wulf H.; More

Menopause. 16(6):1109-1115, November-December 2009.

Relief of vasomotor symptoms with the tissue-selective estrogen complex containing bazedoxifene/conjugated estrogens: a randomized, controlled trial

Pinkerton, JoAnn V.; Utian, Wulf H.; Constantine, Ginger D.; More

Menopause. 16(6):1116-1124, November-December 2009.

Microdose transdermal estrogen therapy for relief of vulvovaginal symptoms in postmenopausal women

Bachmann, Gloria A.; Schaefers, Matthias; Uddin, Alkaz; More

Menopause. 16(5):877-882, September-October 2009.

NIH and WHI-time for a mea culpa and steps beyond*

Utian, Wulf H.

Menopause. 14(6):1056-1059, November-December 2007.

The effects of combined raloxifene and oral estrogen on vasomotor symptoms and endometrial safety

Stovall, Dale W.; Utian, Wulf H.; Gass, Margery L.S.; More

Menopause. 14(3):510-517, May-June 2007.

Effect of raloxifene on quality of life: a prospective study using the Utian Quality of Life (UQOL) Scale

Utian, Wulf H.; Janata, Jeffrey W.; Barbier, Suzanne; More

Menopause. 11(3):275-280, May-June 2004.

Body mass index does not influence response to treatment, nor does body weight change with lower doses of conjugated estrogens and medroxyprogesterone acetate in early...

Utian, Wulf H.; Gass, Margery L. S.; Pickar, James H.

Menopause. 11(3):306-314, May-June 2004.

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