Articles by Sybil L. Crawford

Longitudinal analysis of changes in weight and waist circumference in relation to incident vasomotor symptoms: the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN)

Gold, Ellen B.; Crawford, Sybil L.; Shelton, Janie F.; More

Menopause. 24(1):9-26, January 2017.

  • Editorial

Characterizing the trajectories of vasomotor symptoms across the menopausal transition

Tepper, Ping G.; Brooks, Maria M.; Randolph, John F. Jr; More

Menopause. 23(10):1067-1074, October 2016.

  • Editorial

Influence of race/ethnicity, body mass index, and proximity of menopause on menstrual cycle patterns in the menopausal transition: the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation

Paramsothy, Pangaja; Harlow, Siobán D.; Elliott, Michael R.; More

Menopause. 22(2):159-165, February 2015.

"Persistence" improves the 60-day amenorrhea marker of entry to late-stage menopausal transition for women aged 40 to 44 years

Taffe, John R.; Cain, Kevin C.; Mitchell, Ellen S.; More

Menopause. 17(1):191-193, January 2010.

Presence of vasomotor symptoms is associated with lower bone mineral density: a longitudinal analysis

Crandall, Carolyn J.; Zheng, Yan; Crawford, Sybil L.; More

Menopause. 16(2):239-246, March 2009.

The roles of biologic and nonbiologic factors in cultural differences in vasomotor symptoms measured by surveys

Crawford, Sybil L.

Menopause. 14(4):725-733, July-August 2007.

Helping midlife women predict the onset of the final menses: SWAN, the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation

Santoro, Nanette; Brockwell, Sarah; Johnston, Janet; More

Menopause. 14(3):415-424, May-June 2007.