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Articles by Robin J. Bell, MB, BS (Hons), PhD, MPH, FAFPHM

Continuous-combined oral estradiol/drospirenone has no detrimental effect on cognitive performance and improves estrogen deficiency symptoms in early postmenopausal women: a randomized placebo-controlled trial

Davison, Sonia L.; Bell, Robin J.; Robinson, Penelope J.; More

Menopause. 20(10):1020-1026, October 2013.

Patterns of use of oral adjuvant endocrine therapy in Australian breast cancer survivors 5 years from diagnosis

Bell, Robin J.; Schwarz, Max; Fradkin, Pamela; More

Menopause. 20(7):721-726, July 2013.

Understanding discontinuation of oral adjuvant endocrine therapy by women with hormone receptor–positive invasive breast cancer nearly 4 years from diagnosis

Bell, Robin J.; Fradkin, Pamela; Schwarz, Max; More

Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society. 20(1):15-21, January 2013.

Prevalence of fecal incontinence and its relationship with urinary incontinence in women living in the community

Botlero, Roslin; Bell, Robin J.; Urquhart, Donna M.; More

Menopause. 18(6):685-689, June 2011.

Use of complementary and alternative therapy by women in the first 2 years after diagnosis and treatment of invasive breast cancer

Davis, Susan R.; Lijovic, Marijana; Fradkin, Pam; More

Menopause. 17(5):1004-1009, September-October 2010.

Urinary incontinence is associated with lower psychological general well-being in community-dwelling women

Botlero, Roslin; Bell, Robin J.; Urquhart, Donna M.; More

Menopause. 17(2):332-337, March 2010.

Ovarian status in healthy postmenopausal women: follow-up 12 months after transvaginal ultrasound

Bell, Robin J.; Healy, David L.; Robertson, David M.; More

Menopause. 16(6):1149-1155, November-December 2009.

Effects of the route of estrogen administration on insulinlike growth factor-I, IGF binding protein-3, and insulin resistance in healthy postmenopausal women: results from a randomized, controlled study

Davis, Susan R.; Stuckey, Bronwyn G.A.; Norman, Robert J.; More

Menopause. 15(6):1065-1069, December 2008.

A pragmatic approach to the classification of menopausal status for community-based research

Bell, Robin J.; Lijovic, Marijana; Fradkin, Pam; More

Menopause. 15(5):978-983, September 2008.

Endogenous androgen levels and cardiovascular risk profile in women across the adult life span

Bell, Robin J.; Davison, Sonia L.; Papalia, Mary-Anne; More

Menopause. 14(4):630-638, July-August 2007.

Testosterone aromatization and cognition in women: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Shah, Sonal; Bell, Robin J.; Savage, Greg; More

Menopause. 13(4):600-608, July-August 2006.