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Articles by Nicola Pluchino, MD

Paroxetine increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor in postmenopausal women

Cubeddu, Alessandra; Giannini, Andrea; Bucci, Fiorella; More

Menopause. 17(2):338-343, March 2010.

Brain-region responsiveness to DT56a (Femarelle) administration on allopregnanolone and opioid content in ovariectomized rats

Pluchino, Nicola; Merlini, Sara; Cubeddu, Alessandra; More

Menopause. 16(5):1037-1043, September-October 2009.

Drospirenone increases central and peripheral β-endorphin in ovariectomized female rats

Genazzani, Andrea Riccardo; Pluchino, Nicola; Begliuomini, Silvia; More

Menopause. 14(1):63-73, January-February 2007.

Effect of tibolone administration on central and peripheral levels of allopregnanolone and β-endorphin in female rats

Genazzani, Andrea R; Bernardi, Francesca; Pluchino, Nicola; More

Menopause. 13(1):57-64, January-February 2006.