Articles by Andrea Di Blasio, BSc, MSc, PhD

Walking training affects dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and inflammation independent of changes in spontaneous physical activity

Izzicupo, Pascal; D’Amico, Maria Angela; Bascelli, Adriana; More

Menopause. 20(4):455-463, April 2013.

Walking training in postmenopause: effects on both spontaneous physical activity and training-induced body adaptations

Di Blasio, Andrea; Ripari, Patrizio; Bucci, Ines; More

Menopause. 19(1):23-32, January 2012.

  • Editorial

Left ventricle relative wall thickness and plasma leptin levels: baseline relationships and effects of 4 months of walking training in healthy overweight postmenopausal women

Di Blasio, Andrea; Di Donato, Francesco; De Stefano, Angela; More

Menopause. 18(1):77-84, January 2011.