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February 2023 - Volume 30 - Issue 2

  • Isaac Schiff, MD
  • 1530-0374
  • 12 issues per year
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology 28/85
  • 3.310

Welcome to the February issue of Menopause!

In this issue we continue to follow up on sarcopenia, and although it is thought of primarily as frailty in the elderly, we learn that muscle loss can be associated with premature ovarian insufficiency and thus prevention should be considered.

Treating cancer is of the utmost importance, but what are menopausal women expected to do about their symptoms once they go into remission? This issue includes two studies discussing the treatment of menopause symptoms during remission. 

One of the tragic truths of past decades is that women were excluded from many clinical trials; we knew of the effects of aspirin on heart disease in men, but unfortunately not in women. In this issue the Practice Pearl provides us with the best and current information on how to proceed in using aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease in women. 

For patients who do not want estrogens or other medications but suffer from hot flashes, an exercise program is typically recommended. One review article included in this issue provides the scholarly basis for this suggestion.  Additionally, we feature a second review article discussing the effect of physical exercise on mental health of women in menopause. 

We hope you find the information as helpful as we do!

Isaac Schiff, MD, CM

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Current Issue Highlights

Loss of muscle mass in women with premature ovarian insufficiency as compared with healthy controls

Li, Saisai; Ma, Linjuan; Huang, Haiying; More

Menopause. 30(2):122-127, February 2023.

NAMS Practice Pearl

Physical activity and exercise for hot flashes: trigger or treatment?

Witkowski, Sarah; Evard, Rose; Rickson, Jacquelyn J.; More

Menopause. 30(2):218-224, February 2023.

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