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December 2021 - Volume 28 - Issue 12

  • Isaac Schiff, MD
  • 1530-0374
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  • Obstetrics & Gynecology 12/83
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Hand Grip Strength (HGS) is being recognized more and more as a measure for health of women as they age. In the manuscript “Grip Strength and Health-Related Quality of Life in Postmenopausal Women: a National Population-Based Study” by Hong and Kim, HGS was associated with a lower prevalence of moderate to severe problems in each dimension of the European Quality of Life Questionnaire -5 dimension in postmenopausal women. Thus, HGS might be considered as a feature of the physical exam of the postmenopausal woman.

In “Dietary syringic acid reduces fat mass in an ovariectomy-induced mouse model of Obesity” Tanaka et al showed that in ovariectomized mice, dietary syringic acid resulted in decreased fat mass, decreased serum triglycerides, and increased adiponectin levels. Thus, a syringic acid diet may enhance lipid metabolism.

Isaac Schiff, CM, MD

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