January 2012 - Volume 19 - Issue 1
pp: 1-117

The perimenopausal atherosclerosis transition: relationships between calcified and noncalcified coronary, aortic, and carotid atherosclerosis and risk factors and hormone levels

Munir, Jamalah A.; Wu, Hongyan; Bauer, Kelly; More

Menopause. 19(1):10-15, January 2012.

  • Editorial

Construction and validation of an instrument that breaks the silence: the impact of domestic and/or sexual violence on women’s health, as shown during climacterium

Teixeira de Araújo Moraes, Sandra D.; da Fonseca, Ângela Maggio; Soares, José M. Jr; More

Menopause. 19(1):16-22, January 2012.

  • Editorial

Walking training in postmenopause: effects on both spontaneous physical activity and training-induced body adaptations

Di Blasio, Andrea; Ripari, Patrizio; Bucci, Ines; More

Menopause. 19(1):23-32, January 2012.

  • Editorial

Persistence with osteoporosis medications among postmenopausal women in the UK General Practice Research Database

Li, Lin; Roddam, Andrew; Gitlin, Matthew; More

Menopause. 19(1):33-40, January 2012.

  • Editorial

Gynecologic effects of arzoxifene in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis or low bone mass

Goldstein, Steven R.; Bhattoa, Harjit Pal; Neven, Patrick; More

Menopause. 19(1):41-47, January 2012.

A phase III, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial of flaxseed for the treatment of hot flashes: North Central Cancer Treatment Group N08C7

Pruthi, Sandhya; Qin, Rui; Terstreip, Shelby A.; More

Menopause. 19(1):48-53, January 2012.

A pilot randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled trial of traditional acupuncture for vasomotor symptoms and mechanistic pathways of menopause

Painovich, Jeannette M.; Shufelt, Chrisandra L.; Azziz, Ricardo; More

Menopause. 19(1):54-61, January 2012.

The “muffin test”—an alternative to the oral glucose tolerance test for detecting impaired glucose tolerance

Traub, Michael L.; Jain, Akas; Maslow, Bat-Sheva; More

Menopause. 19(1):62-66, January 2012.

Reduction of urinary levels of N-telopeptide correlates with treatment compliance in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis receiving alendronate

Palacios, Santiago; Neyro, José Luis; Ferrer, Javier; More

Menopause. 19(1):67-74, January 2012.

Associations of physical activity and diet with the onset of menopause in Japanese women

Nagata, Chisato; Wada, Keiko; Nakamura, Kozue; More

Menopause. 19(1):75-81, January 2012.

Vasomotor hot flashes and heart rate variability: a placebo-controlled trial of postmenopausal hormone therapy

Lantto, Hanna; Haapalahti, Petri; Tuomikoski, Pauliina; More

Menopause. 19(1):82-88, January 2012.

Observational study of treatment compliance in women initiating antiresorptive therapy with or without calcium and vitamin D supplements in Spain

Díez, Adolfo; Carbonell, Cristina; Calaf, Joaquín; More

Menopause. 19(1):89-95, January 2012.

Ospemifene and 4-hydroxyospemifene effectively prevent and treat breast cancer in the MTag.Tg transgenic mouse model

Burich, Rebekah A.; Mehta, Neelima Rakesh; Wurz, Gregory T.; More

Menopause. 19(1):96-103, January 2012.

Management of vulvovaginal atrophy-related sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women: an up-to-date review

Tan, Orkun; Bradshaw, Karen; Carr, Bruce R.

Menopause. 19(1):109-117, January 2012.