October 2011 - Volume 18 - Issue 10
pp: 1035-1148

Are vasomotor symptoms associated with alterations in hemostatic and inflammatory markers? Findings from the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation

Thurston, Rebecca C.; El Khoudary, Samar R.; Sutton-Tyrrell, Kim; More

Menopause. 18(10):1044-1051, October 2011.

  • Editorial

Does the route of administration for estrogen hormone therapy impact the risk of venous thromboembolism? Estradiol transdermal system versus oral estrogen-only hormone therapy

Laliberté, François; Dea, Katherine; Duh, Mei Sheng; More

Menopause. 18(10):1052-1059, October 2011.

  • Editorial

Effects of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system plus estrogen therapy in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women: systematic review and meta-analysis

Somboonporn, Woraluk; Panna, Sunida; Temtanakitpaisan, Teerayut; More

Menopause. 18(10):1060-1066, October 2011.

  • Editorial

The risk of squamous cell carcinoma in persistent vulvar ulcers

Spencer, Ryan J.; Young, Robert H.; Goodman, Annekathryn

Menopause. 18(10):1067-1071, October 2011.

  • Editorial

Osteoporosis screening and treatment guidelines: are they being followed?

Schnatz, Peter F.; Marakovits, Kimberly A.; DuBois, Melissa; More

Menopause. 18(10):1072-1078, October 2011.

Physical activity and sex hormone levels in estradiol- and placebo-treated postmenopausal women

Choudhury, Farzana; Bernstein, Leslie; Hodis, Howard N.; More

Menopause. 18(10):1079-1086, October 2011.

Gene expression signatures differ with extent of atherosclerosis in monkey iliac artery

Eyster, Kathleen M.; Appt, Susan E.; Mark-Kappeler, Connie J.; More

Menopause. 18(10):1087-1095, October 2011.

A prospective analysis of the association between cardiovascular disease and depression in middle-aged women

Schnatz, Peter F.; Nudy, Matthew; Shively, Carol A.; More

Menopause. 18(10):1096-1100, October 2011.

Effect of hormone therapy and calcitriol on serum lipid profile in postmenopausal older women: association with estrogen receptor-α genotypes

Sai, Adarsh J.; Gallagher, J. Christopher; Fang, Xiang

Menopause. 18(10):1101-1112, October 2011.

Menopausal symptoms among healthy, middle-aged Omani women as assessed with the Menopause Rating Scale

El Shafie, Kawther; Al Farsi, Yahya; Al Zadjali, Najat; More

Menopause. 18(10):1113-1119, October 2011.

Serum ferritin levels are associated with metabolic syndrome in postmenopausal women but not in premenopausal women

Cho, Geum Joon; Shin, Jung-Ho; Yi, Kyong Wook; More

Menopause. 18(10):1120-1124, October 2011.

From menarche to menopause: the fertile life span of celiac women

Santonicola, Antonella; Iovino, Paola; Cappello, Carmelina; More

Menopause. 18(10):1125-1130, October 2011.

Estrogen receptor β-selective phytoestrogenic formulation prevents physical and neurological changes in a preclinical model of human menopause

Zhao, Liqin; Mao, Zisu; Schneider, Lon S.; More

Menopause. 18(10):1131-1142, October 2011.

Effects of reproductive history on symptoms of menopause: a brief report

Nelson, Deborah B.; Sammel, Mary D.; Patterson, Freda; More

Menopause. 18(10):1143-1148, October 2011.