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February 2019 - Volume 29 - Issue 1
pp: 1-108

Basic science

Translational research

Clinical research

Clinical experience with combination BRAF/MEK inhibitors for melanoma with brain metastases: a real-life multicenter study

Drago, Joshua Z.; Lawrence, Donald; Livingstone, Elisabeth; More

Melanoma Research. 29(1):65-69, February 2019.

Epidemiology of melanoma

Clinicopathologic features correlated with paradoxical outcomes in stage IIC versus IIIA melanoma patients

Tan, Sally Y.; Najita, Julie; Li, Xiaoxue; More

Melanoma Research. 29(1):70-76, February 2019.

Successful treatment with intralesional talimogene laherparepvec in two patients with immune checkpoint inhibitor-refractory, advanced-stage melanoma

Seremet, Teofila; Planken, Simon; Schwarze, Julia K.; More

Melanoma Research. 29(1):85-88, February 2019.

Clonal heterogeneity of melanoma in a paradigmatic case study: future prospects for circulating melanoma cells

Scaini, Maria Chiara; Pigozzo, Jacopo; Pizzi, Marco; More

Melanoma Research. 29(1):89-94, February 2019.