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August 2018 - Volume 28 - Issue 4
pp: 259-369

Basic research

Translational research

Clinical research

Targeted ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration cytology for sentinel node diagnostics in early-stage melanoma: a validation study

Ternov, Niels K.; Lambine, Trine-Lise; Wagenblast, Anne L.H.; More

Melanoma Research. 28(4):319-325, August 2018.

Vemurafenib in BRAF-mutant metastatic melanoma patients in real-world clinical practice: prognostic factors associated with clinical outcomes

Schouwenburg, Maartje G.; Jochems, Anouk; Leeneman, Brenda; More

Melanoma Research. 28(4):326-332, August 2018.

The impact of patient characteristics and disease-specific factors on first-line treatment decisions for BRAF-mutated melanoma: results from a European expert panel study

Ascierto, Paolo A.; Bastholt, Lars; Ferrucci, Pier F.; More

Melanoma Research. 28(4):333-340, August 2018.

Epidemiology of melanoma

Epidemiological trends in the diagnosis of melanoma in a Southern European population: analysis of a large database from a tertiary referral center

Tsoutsos, Dimosthenis; Papadopoulos, Stefanos; Kehagias, George; More

Melanoma Research. 28(4):348-358, August 2018.