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August 2010 - Volume 20 - Issue 4
pp: 253-360

Basic research

Translational research

Tyrosinase mRNA levels in the blood of uveal melanoma patients: correlation with the number of circulating tumor cells and tumor progression

Pinzani, Pamela; Mazzini, Cinzia; Salvianti, Francesca; More

Melanoma Research. 20(4):303-310, August 2010.

Clinical research

Molecular epidemiology

The value of preoperative ultrasound (after lymphoscintigraphy) in conjunction with pre-sentinel lymph node biopsy fine-needle aspiration outweighs the usage of ultrasound alone in conjunction with lymphoscintigraphy: the need for an algorithm

Voit, Christiane A.; van Akkooi, Alexander J.C.; Schäfer-Hesterberg, Gregor; More

Melanoma Research. 20(4):357-359, August 2010.