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September 1995 - Volume 5 - Supplement 2
pp: 9-53

Session I: Chemistry and biophysics of melanins: PDF Only

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Session IV: Biology of melanin pigmentation: PDF Only

Session V: Defence mechanisms against oxidative stress: PDF Only

Session VI: Vitiligo: immunology, new therapeutic approaches: PDF Only

Session VII: Melanoma: basic aspects: PDF Only

Session VIII: Melanoma: clinical aspects: PDF Only

Section I: Experimental pharmacology: PDF Only

Section III: Melanoma: PDF Only

Recreational exposure to sunlight and lack of information as risk factors for cutaneous malignant melanoma. Result of an EORTC case—control study in Belgium, France and Germany: 90

Autier, P.; Doré, J. -F.; Lejeune, F.; More

Melanoma Research. 5:46, September 1995.

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Experimental pharmacology: PDF Only

Pigment cells in vitro: PDF Only