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Case report: response to the ERK1/2 inhibitor ulixertinib in BRAF D594G cutaneous melanoma

Wolfe, Zachary; Friedland, Julie C.; Ginn, Sarah; More

Melanoma Research. : May 12, 2022

Safety and efficacy of combination nivolumab plus ipilimumab in patients with advanced melanoma: results from a North American expanded access program (CheckMate 218)

Hodi, F. Stephen; Chapman, Paul B.; Sznol, Mario; More

Melanoma Research. 31(1):67-75, February 2021.

Rapid BRAF mutation tests in patients with advanced melanoma: comparison of immunohistochemistry, Droplet Digital PCR, and the Idylla Mutation Platform

Bisschop, Cornelis; ter Elst, Arja; Bosman, Lisette J.; More

Melanoma Research. 28(2):96-104, April 2018.

Toxicity of combined targeted therapy and concurrent radiotherapy in metastatic melanoma patients: a single-center retrospective analysis

Ziegler, Johanna S.; Kroeze, Stephanie; Hilbers, Marie-Luise; More

Melanoma Research. 30(6):552-561, December 2020.

Histopathological and immunological spectrum in response evaluation of talimogene laherparepvec treatment and correlation with durable response in patients with cutaneous melanoma

Mulder, Evalyn E.A.P.; Damman, Jeffrey; Verver, Daniëlle; More

Melanoma Research. : April 21, 2022

Chemo-immunotherapy combination after PD-1 inhibitor failure improves clinical outcomes in metastatic melanoma patients

Vera Aguilera, Jesus; Paludo, Jonas; McWilliams, Robert R.; More

Melanoma Research. 30(4):364-375, August 2020.

Improved cutaneous melanoma survival stratification through integration of 31-gene expression profile testing with the American Joint Committee on Cancer 8th Edition Staging

Wisco, Oliver J.; Marson, Justin W.; Litchman, Graham H.; More

Melanoma Research. 32(2):98-102, April 2022.

Sensitivity of treatment-free survival to subgroup analyses in patients with advanced melanoma treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors

Mantia, Charlene M.; Werner, Lillian; Stwalley, Brian; More

Melanoma Research. 32(1):35-44, February 2022.

A lead-in safety study followed by a phase 2 clinical trial of dabrafenib, trametinib and hydroxychloroquine in advanced BRAFV600 mutant melanoma patients previously treated with BRAF-/MEK-inhibitors and immune checkpoint inhibitors

Awada, Gil; Schwarze, Julia Katharina; Tijtgat, Jens; More

Melanoma Research. 32(3):183-191, June 2022.

A phase II study of the insulin-like growth factor type I receptor inhibitor IMC-A12 in patients with metastatic uveal melanoma

Mattei, Jane; Ballhausen, Alexej; Bassett, Roland; More

Melanoma Research. 30(6):574-579, December 2020.

Transcriptional analysis of metastatic uveal melanoma survival nominates NRP1 as a therapeutic target

Bao, Riyue; Surriga, Oliver; Olson, Daniel J.; More

Melanoma Research. 31(1):27-37, February 2021.

Silencing of CEBPB-AS1 modulates CEBPB expression and resensitizes BRAF-inhibitor resistant melanoma cells to vemurafenib

Vidarsdottir, Linda; Fernandes, Rita Valador; Zachariadis, Vasilios; More

Melanoma Research. 30(5):443-454, October 2020.

Evolutionarily conserved resistance to phagocytosis observed in melanoma cells is insensitive to upregulation of pro-phagocytic signals and to CD47 blockade

Anderson, Katie L.; Snyder, Kristin M.; Ito, Daisuke; More

Melanoma Research. 30(2):147-158, April 2020.

Whole-exome sequencing identifies recurrent SF3B1 R625 mutation and comutation of NF1 and KIT in mucosal melanoma

Hintzsche, Jennifer D.; Gorden, Nicholas T.; Amato, Carol M.; More

Melanoma Research. 27(3):189-199, June 2017.

Analysis of survival of patients treated with vemurafenib, ipilimumab and dabrafenib for advanced skin melanoma in daily clinical practice (Real-World Data): retrospective analysis of patients treated under drug/reimbursement programmes in Poland in 2013–2016

Brzozowska, Melania; Wierzba, Waldemar; Sliwczynski, Andrzej; More

Melanoma Research. 28(1):52-55, February 2018.

Severe blistering eruptions induced by immune checkpoint inhibitors: a multicentre international study of 32 cases

Ingen-Housz-Oro, Saskia; Milpied, Brigitte; Badrignans, Marine; More

Melanoma Research. 32(3):205-210, June 2022.

Caveolin-1 is a risk factor for postsurgery metastasis in preclinical melanoma models

Lobos-Gonzalez, Lorena; Aguilar-Guzmán, Lorena; Fernandez, Jaime G.; More

Melanoma Research. 24(2):108-119, April 2014.

Phase Ib/II trial testing combined radiofrequency ablation and ipilimumab in uveal melanoma (SECIRA-UM)

Rozeman, Elisa A.; Prevoo, Warner; Meier, Mark A.J.; More

Melanoma Research. 30(3):252-260, June 2020.

Staging 18F-FDG PET/CT influences the treatment plan in melanoma patients with satellite or in-transit metastases

Holtkamp, Lodewijka H.J.; Chakera, Annette H.; Fung, Sebastian; More

Melanoma Research. 30(4):358-363, August 2020.

Decisive role of SPECT/CT in localization of unusual periscapular sentinel nodes in patients with posterior trunk melanoma: three illustrative cases and a review of the literature

Alvarez Paez, Ana Melissa; Brouwer, Oscar R.; Veenstra, Hidde J.; More

Melanoma Research. 22(3):278-283, June 2012.

Melanoma during pregnancy: a report of 60 pregnancies complicated by melanoma

de Haan, Jorine; Lok, Christianne A.; de Groot, Christianne J.; More

Melanoma Research. 27(3):218-223, June 2017.

Postapproval trials versus patient registries: comparability of advanced melanoma patients with brain metastases

Ismail, Rawa K.; Sikkes, Nienke O.; Wouters, Michel W.J.M.; More

Melanoma Research. 31(1):58-66, February 2021.