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Rapid BRAF mutation tests in patients with advanced melanoma: comparison of immunohistochemistry, Droplet Digital PCR, and the Idylla Mutation Platform

Bisschop, Cornelis; ter Elst, Arja; Bosman, Lisette J.; More

Melanoma Research. 28(2):96-104, April 2018.

Sarcoid-like reactions in patients receiving modern melanoma treatment

Dimitriou, Florentia; Frauchiger, Anna L.; Urosevic-Maiwald, Mirjana; More

Melanoma Research. 28(3):230-236, June 2018.

Whole-exome sequencing identifies recurrent SF3B1 R625 mutation and comutation of NF1 and KIT in mucosal melanoma

Hintzsche, Jennifer D.; Gorden, Nicholas T.; Amato, Carol M.; More

Melanoma Research. 27(3):189-199, June 2017.

Postsurgical treatment landscape and economic burden of locoregional and distant recurrence in patients with operable nonmetastatic melanoma

Tarhini, Ahmad; Ghate, Sameer R.; Ionescu-Ittu, Raluca; More

Melanoma Research. 28(6):618-628, December 2018.

Phase Ib/II trial testing combined radiofrequency ablation and ipilimumab in uveal melanoma (SECIRA-UM)

Rozeman, Elisa A.; Prevoo, Warner; Meier, Mark A.J.; More

Melanoma Research. 30(3):252-260, June 2020.

Evolutionarily conserved resistance to phagocytosis observed in melanoma cells is insensitive to upregulation of pro-phagocytic signals and to CD47 blockade

Anderson, Katie L.; Snyder, Kristin M.; Ito, Daisuke; More

Melanoma Research. 30(2):147-158, April 2020.

Recurrence risk of early-stage melanoma of the external ear: an investigation of surgical approach and sentinel lymph node status

Truong, Amanda; Hyngstrom, John R.; Andtbacka, Robert H.I.; More

Melanoma Research. 30(2):173-178, April 2020.

Melanoma during pregnancy: a report of 60 pregnancies complicated by melanoma

de Haan, Jorine; Lok, Christianne A.; de Groot, Christianne J.; More

Melanoma Research. 27(3):218-223, June 2017.

Clinical experience with combination BRAF/MEK inhibitors for melanoma with brain metastases: a real-life multicenter study

Drago, Joshua Z.; Lawrence, Donald; Livingstone, Elisabeth; More

Melanoma Research. 29(1):65-69, February 2019.

Evidence and interdisciplinary consensus-based German guidelines: surgical treatment and radiotherapy of melanoma

Garbe, Claus; Hauschild, Axel; Volkenandt, Matthias; More

Melanoma Research. 18(1):61-67, February 2008.

Multicenter, real-life experience with checkpoint inhibitors and targeted therapy agents in advanced melanoma patients in Switzerland

Mangana, Joanna; Cheng, Phil F.; Kaufmann, Corina; More

Melanoma Research. 27(4):358-368, August 2017.

Coexpression of major histocompatibility complex class II with chemokines and nuclear NFκB p50 in melanoma: a rational for their association with poor prognosis

Martins, Isabelle; Sylla, Khaoussou; Deshayes, Frederique; More

Melanoma Research. 19(4):226-237, August 2009.