Articles by Agop Y. Bedikian

Phase I trial of biochemotherapy with cisplatin, temozolomide, and dose escalation of nab-paclitaxel combined with interleukin-2 and interferon-α in patients with metastatic...

Alrwas, Anas; Papadopoulos, Nicholas E.; Cain, Suzanne; More

Melanoma Research. 24(4):342-348, August 2014.

A randomized phase II study of cilengitide (EMD 121974) in patients with metastatic melanoma

Kim, Kevin B.; Prieto, Victor; Joseph, Richard W.; More

Melanoma Research. 22(4):294-301, August 2012.

A randomized phase III trial of biochemotherapy versus interferon-α-2b for adjuvant therapy in patients at high risk for melanoma recurrence

Kim, Kevin B.; Legha, Sewa S.; Gonzalez, Rene; More

Melanoma Research. 19(1):42-49, February 2009.