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Advanced Dermatoscopy Course

Garbe, C.a; Kittler, H.b; Malvehy, J.c

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doi: 10.1097/01.cmr.0000382802.91709.33
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Dermatoscopy or dermoscopy is a diagnostic technique that allows an accurate recognition of skin tumours and other skin diseases. In the diagnosis of melanoma its positive impact has been demonstrated with maximum level of evidence. It has been incorporated in the last evidence based guidelines of melanoma in Australia and New Zealand and most recently in the European guidelines. Dermatologists in all continents and also general practitioners devoted to skin cancer in some countries have a dermatoscope in their pocket. As any diagnostic tool dermatoscopy requires formal training that is implemented in many scenarios with courses in any country and in the international arena. In addition to this the number of scientific publications is growing every day with the description of new criteria in old and new entities including skin cancer but also infection and inflammatory skin diseases. For these reasons learning activities are of major value. In this course devoted to dermatoscopists with some skills in the technique, a wide spectrum of topics will be presented by experts in the field. This will include new insights in melanoma and other skin cancer, new evolving concepts in nevo and melanogenesis and genetic syndromes and description of criteria in non-tumour skin diseases. Active participation of the audience with open discussion will be introduced in multiple sessions with interactive cases that will be presented to the participants.

Learning objectives

Following the course the attendee will be able to:

  • (1) Recognise clues for the diagnosis of difficult skin tumours
  • (2) Benefit form the application of dermatoscopy in general dermatology
  • (3) Apply dermatoscopy in the clinical management of genetic disorders
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