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The National Society of Human Genetics

The NSHG was founded in 2005 as a non-governmental non-profit organization by the staff of the Human Genetics & Genome Research Division at the National Research in Egypt. It is under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Social Affairs (Permission no. 2463/2005). The board includes fifteen elected members, who meet 4-6 times annually to discuss and follow up the funding resources and activities. Re-election of the board is undertaken every 6 years in a general members meeting. At the meantime, members of the society are 200. The ordinary general members’ meeting is held once a year to approve the financial documents and plan of activities.

The NSHG aims at: increasing public awareness of genetic disorders and promoting scientific research and data availability regarding these disorders through workshops, publications, invited speakers in addition to helping unprivileged poor patients and families towards management and providing groups for family support. The Society also participates in the development and discussion of policies related to all aspects of human genetics, with other health professionals, legislators, organized groups and the general public.


  • Increased awareness about human genetics & genetic diseases among the public & professionals to support and participate in research on genetic diseases in Egypt and to attract international attention of specialized scientists.

  • Holding of conferences, workshops, symposia and training courses in the specialized field of human genetics to increase public and professional knowledge about the different genetic diseases and methods for containing them in the society and exchange of scientific knowledge.

  • Enhancement of research projects on genetic diseases, publication of results in a specialized journal to be published by the society.

  • Increase of public awareness about the prevention and management of genetic diseases through the mass media and communications through newspapers, television& radio programs.

  • Increase public knowledge about care & rehabilitation of genetically disabled through leaflets to bedistributed to the public.

  • Encouragement of students and recent graduates to join the activities of the society.

  • Enhancement of national, regional and international networking and-co-operation for early detection, prevention and management of genetic diseases which affect all systems and organs of the human body at the level of Egypt, Arab countries, Africa, Europe, USA…etc.

  • At the executive committee meeting of the IFHGS, on November 3,2010,in Washington DC, USA, The National Society of Human Genetics Egypt was accepted as a corresponding member. Thus our society is the first member in the IFHGS from the Arab world and Egypt (