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July 02, 2020 - Volume 99 - Issue 27
pp: e19811-e21156

Clinical Case Report

A case report of a patient with bulky uterine cervical neoplasm who achieved complete response with “intentional internal high-dose policy” high-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy

Kashihara, Tairo; Kobayashi, Kazuma; Iijima, Kotaro; More

Medicine. 99(27):e20860, July 02, 2020.

Observational Study

Nested matched case control study for the Japan Fukushima Health Management Survey's first full-scale (second-round) thyroid examination

Takahashi, Hideto; Yasumura, Seiji; Takahashi, Kunihiko; More

Medicine. 99(27):e20440, July 02, 2020.

Metabolic syndrome and 10-year cardiovascular risk among HIV-positive and HIV-negative adults: A cross-sectional study

Masyuko, Sarah J.; Page, Stephanie T.; Kinuthia, John; More

Medicine. 99(27):e20845, July 02, 2020.

Association of early vertebroplasty with risk of hip replacement: A nationwide population-based cohort study in Taiwan

Li, Chiao-Zhu; Li, Chiao-Ching; Tang, Chi-Tun; More

Medicine. 99(27):e20926, July 02, 2020.

Study Protocol Clinical Trial

Effectiveness of a primary care clinical ultrasound classroom for family physicians as a formative intervention system, a quasi-experimental trial: Study protocol

Diego-Domínguez, Fernando; Torrecilla-García, Miguel; Casado-Huerga, Jesús; More

Medicine. 99(27):e19914, July 02, 2020.

Personalized trimodal prehabilitation for gastrectomy

Bausys, Augustinas; Luksta, Martynas; Kuliavas, Justas; More

Medicine. 99(27):e20687, July 02, 2020.

Association of trimethylamine N-oxide with coronary atherosclerotic burden in patients with non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Bin Waleed, Khalid; Lu, Yongkang; Liu, Qiang; More

Medicine. 99(27):e20794, July 02, 2020.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study