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January 2020 - Volume 99 - Issue 4
pp: e18383-e19094

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

An integrative cognitive rehabilitation using neurologic music therapy in multiple sclerosis: A pilot study

Impellizzeri, Federica; Leonardi, Simona; Latella, Dèsiréè; More

Medicine. 99(4):e18866, January 2020.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Study Protocol Systematic Review

Observational Study

Impact of a systematic evaluation of connective tissue disease on diagnosis approach in patients with interstitial lung diseases

Hernandez-Gonzalez, Fernanda; Prieto-González, Sergio; Brito-Zeron, Pilar; More

Medicine. 99(4):e18589, January 2020.

A retrospective comparative study of infection control rate and clinical outcome between open debridement using antibiotic-impregnated cement beads and a two-stage revision in acute periprosthetic knee joint infection

Chang, Moon Jong; Lee, Seung Ah; Kang, Seung-Baik; More

Medicine. 99(4):e18891, January 2020.

Feasibility of using two-dimensional axial computed tomography in pretreatment decision making for patients with early gastric cancer

Kim, Duk Ki; Kang, Sun Hyung; Kim, Ju Seok; More

Medicine. 99(4):e18928, January 2020.

Clinical Case Report

Diagnostic Accuracy Study

Study Protocol Clinical Trial

Effectiveness of a multicomponent treatment versus conventional treatment in patients with fibromyalgia: Study protocol

Araya-Quintanilla, Felipe; Gutiérrez-Espinoza, Héctor; Muñoz-Yánez, María Jesús; More

Medicine. 99(4):e18833, January 2020.

Effectiveness of supervised early exercise program in patients with arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: Study protocol clinical trial

Gutiérrez-Espinoza, Héctor; Araya-Quintanilla, Felipe; Pinto-Concha, Sebastian; More

Medicine. 99(4):e18846, January 2020.

Study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial on a smartphone application-based intervention for subthreshold depression: Study protocol clinical trial (SPIRIT Compliant)

Kato, Yudai; Kageyama, Kaito; Mesaki, Takanori; More

Medicine. 99(4):e18934, January 2020.

Quality Improvement Study