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August 2018 - Volume 97 - Issue 31
pp: e10764-e11791

Study Protocol Clinical Trial

A randomized controlled trial for effectiveness of zolpidem versus acupressure on sleep in hemodialysis patients having chronic kidney disease–associated pruritus

Rehman, Inayat Ur; Wu, David Bin-Chia; Ahmed, Raheel; More

Medicine. 97(31):e10764, August 2018.

Observational Study

Prognostic significance of PIK3CA mutation in stage IIB to IVA cervical cancers treated by concurrent chemoradiotherapy with weekly cisplatin

Lachkar, Bouchra; Minaguchi, Takeo; Akiyama, Azusa; More

Medicine. 97(31):e11392, August 2018.

Liver Transplantation (LT) for Cryptogenic Cirrhosis (CC) and Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Cirrhosis: Data from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR): 1994 to 2016

Golabi, Pegah; Bush, Haley; Stepanova, Maria; More

Medicine. 97(31):e11518, August 2018.

Association of early loss of primary functional patency of arteriovenous access with mortality in incident hemodialysis patients: A nationwide population-based observational study

Wu, Chung-Kuan; Lin, Chia-Hsun; Hsu, Chih-Cheng; More

Medicine. 97(31):e11630, August 2018.

Value of anti-plasminogen binding peptide, anti-carbonic anhydrase II, immunoglobulin G4, and other serological markers for the differentiation of autoimmune pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer

Detlefsen, Sönke; de Vos, Jesper D.; Tanassi, Julia T.; More

Medicine. 97(31):e11641, August 2018.

Clinical characteristics associated with bone mineral density improvement after 1-year alendronate/vitamin d3 or calcitriol treatment: Exploratory results from a phase 3, randomized, controlled trial on postmenopausal osteoporotic women in China

Liao, Er-Yuan; Zhang, Zhen-Lin; Xia, Wei-Bo; More

Medicine. 97(31):e11694, August 2018.

Clinical Case Report

Case series of successful treatment with fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) oral capsules mixed from multiple donors even in patients previously treated with FMT enemas for recurrent Clostridium difficile infection

Chehri, Mahtab; Christensen, Alice Højer; Halkjær, Sofie Ingdam; More

Medicine. 97(31):e11706, August 2018.