May 2018 - Volume 97 - Issue 1S : Medicine

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May 2018 - Volume 97 - Supplement 1 1S
pp: S54-S77

HIV prevalence and sexual behavior among young male conscripts in the Brazilian army, 2016

Sperhacke, Rosa Dea; da Motta, Leonardo Rapone; Kato, Sérgio Kakuta; More

Medicine. 97(1S):S25-S31, May 2018.

HIV, HCV, HBV, and syphilis among transgender women from Brazil: Assessing different methods to adjust infection rates of a hard-to-reach, sparse population

Bastos, Francisco I.; Bastos, Leonardo Soares; Coutinho, Carolina; More

Medicine. 97(1S):S16-S24, May 2018.

Proceeding Abstracts

Factors associated with HIV infection among female sex workers in Brazil

Szwarcwald, Célia Landmann; Damacena, Giseli Nogueira; de Souza-Júnior, Paulo Roberto Borges; More

Medicine. 97(1S):S54-S61, May 2018.

Monitoring self-reported adherence to antiretroviral therapy in public HIV care facilities in Brazil: A national cross-sectional study

Santos, Maria Altenfelder; Guimarães, Mark Drew Crosland; Helena, Ernani Tiaraju Santa; More

Medicine. 97(1S):S38-S45, May 2018.

Comparing HIV risk-related behaviors between 2 RDS national samples of MSM in Brazil, 2009 and 2016

Guimarães, Mark Drew Crosland; Kendall, Carl; Magno, Laio; More

Medicine. 97(1S):S62-S68, May 2018.

Prevalence estimates of HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C among female sex workers (FSW) in Brazil, 2016

Ferreira-Júnior, Orlando da Costa; Guimarães, Mark Drew Crosland; Damacena, Giseli Nogueira; More

Medicine. 97(1S):S3-S8, May 2018.

Changes in attitudes, risky practices, and HIV and syphilis prevalence among female sex workers in Brazil from 2009 to 2016

Szwarcwald, Célia Landmann; de Almeida, Wanessa da Silva; Damacena, Giseli Nogueira; More

Medicine. 97(1S):S46-S53, May 2018.


Observational Study

External quality assessment for CD4 + T-lymphocyte count test: Performance of the Brazilian public health laboratories network

Gaspar, Pâmela Cristina; Wohlke, Bruna Lovizutto Protti; Brunialti, Milena Karina Coló; More

Medicine. 97(1S):S32-S37, May 2018.

HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men in Brazil: results of the 2nd national survey using respondent-driven sampling

Kerr, Ligia; Kendall, Carl; Guimarães, Mark Drew Crosland; More

Medicine. 97(1S):S9-S15, May 2018.