December 2017 - Volume 96 - Issue 50
pp: e6997-e9364

Clinical Case Report

Paraproteinemic keratopathy in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance treated with primary keratoprosthesis: Case report, histopathologic findings, and world literature review

Chiang, Homer H.; Wieland, Rebekah S.; Rogers, Thomas S.; More

Medicine. 96(50):e8649, December 2017.

Giant solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura with high-grade sarcomatous overgrowth accompanied by lipid-rich, rhabdomyosarcomatous, and pleomorphic components: A case report

Nakaya, Takeo; Oshiro, Hisashi; Takigami, Ayako; More

Medicine. 96(50):e8926, December 2017.

Angioplasty and stenting for the proximal anastomotic stenosis of a brachio-axillary bypass graft using a helical interwoven nitinol stent: A case report

Cho, Soo Buem; Choi, Ho Cheol; Bae, EunJin; More

Medicine. 96(50):e9073, December 2017.

Successful treatment with allogeneic stem cell transplantation followed by DLI and TKIs for e6a2 BCR-ABL-positive acute myeloid leukaemia: A case report and literature review

Harada, Yasuhiko; Nishiwaki, Satoshi; Sugimoto, Takumi; More

Medicine. 96(50):e9160, December 2017.