December 2017 - Volume 96 - Issue 48
pp: e7469-e9130

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Observational Study

The significance of BRAF V600E mutation status discordance between primary cutaneous melanoma and brain metastases: The implications for BRAF inhibitor therapy

Hannan, Enda J.; O’Leary, Donal P.; MacNally, Stephen P.; More

Medicine. 96(48):e8404, December 2017.

Simulation of expected childhood and adolescent thyroid cancer cases in Japan using a cancer-progression model based on the National Cancer Registry: Application to the first-round thyroid examination of the Fukushima Health Management Survey

Takahashi, Hideto; Takahashi, Kunihiko; Shimura, Hiroki; More

Medicine. 96(48):e8631, December 2017.

Relationship between skeletal muscle mass and liver fibrosis markers for patients with hepatitis C virus related liver disease

Takata, Ryo; Nishikawa, Hiroki; Enomoto, Hirayuki; More

Medicine. 96(48):e8761, December 2017.

Risk profile, management, and outcomes of patients with venous thromboembolism attended in Spanish Emergency Departments: The ESPHERIA registry

Jimenez, Sonia; Ruiz-Artacho, Pedro; Merlo, Marta; More

Medicine. 96(48):e8796, December 2017.

Improvements in osteoporosis testing and care are found following the wide scale implementation of the Ontario Fracture Clinic Screening Program: An interrupted time series analysis

Beaton, Dorcas E.; Mamdani, Muhammad; Zheng, Hong; More

Medicine. 96(48):e9012, December 2017.

Proliferative lupus nephritis in the absence of overt systemic lupus erythematosus: A historical study of 12 adult patients

Touzot, Maxime; Terrier, Cécile Saint-Pastou; Faguer, Stanislas; More

Medicine. 96(48):e9017, December 2017.

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Prevention of surgical site infection after oral cancer surgery by topical tetracycline: Results of a multicenter randomized control trial

Funahara, Madoka; Yanamoto, Souichi; Ueda, Michihiro; More

Medicine. 96(48):e8891, December 2017.

Diagnostic Accuracy Study

Impact of iterative reconstruction vs. filtered back projection on image quality in 320-slice CT coronary angiography: Insights from the CORE320 multicenter study

Fareed, Ahmed; Vavere, Andrea L.; Zimmermann, Elke; More

Medicine. 96(48):e8452, December 2017.

Study Protocol Systematic Review

Clinical Case Report

Radical antegrade modular pancreatosplenectomy for adenocarcinomaof the body of the pancreas in a patient with portal annular pancreas, aberrant hepatic artery, and absence of the celiac trunk: A case report

Yuan, Hao; Wu, Pengfei; Chen, Jianmin; More

Medicine. 96(48):e8738, December 2017.