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February 2017 - Volume 96 - Issue 5
pp: e5521-e6081

Diagnostic Accuracy Study

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Observational Study

Miliary tuberculosis: Epidemiologicaland clinical analysis of large-case series from moderate to low tuberculosis endemic Country

Mert, Ali; Arslan, Ferhat; Kuyucu, Tülin; More

Medicine. 96(5):e5875, February 2017.

Differential effects of stress and African ancestry on preterm birth and related traits among US born and immigrant Black mothers

Tsai, Hui-Ju; Surkan, Pamela J.; Yu, Stella M.; More

Medicine. 96(5):e5899, February 2017.

Impact of betablockers on general and local outcome in patients hospitalized for lower extremity peripheral artery disease: The COPART Registry

Mirault, Tristan; Galloula, Alexandre; Cambou, Jean-Pierre; More

Medicine. 96(5):e5916, February 2017.

Antihypertensive medications and risk of death and hospitalizations in US hemodialysis patients: Evidence from a cohort study to inform hypertension treatment practices

Shafi, Tariq; Sozio, Stephen M.; Luly, Jason; More

Medicine. 96(5):e5924, February 2017.

Beyond bone mineral density, FRAX-based tailor-made intervention thresholds for therapeutic decision in subjects on glucocorticoid: A nationwide osteoporosis survey

Yu, Shan-Fu; Chen, Jia-Feng; Chen, Yin-Chou; More

Medicine. 96(5):e5959, February 2017.

Reproductive history before and after HIV diagnosis: A cross-sectional study in HIV-positive women in Spain

Hernando, Victoria; Alejos, Belen; Montero, Marta; More

Medicine. 96(5):e5991, February 2017.

How much does decompressive laparotomy reduce the mortality rate in primary abdominal compartment syndrome?: A single-center prospective study on 66 patients

Muresan, Mircea; Muresan, Simona; Brinzaniuc, Klara; More

Medicine. 96(5):e6006, February 2017.

Cohort study on maternal cytomegalovirus seroprevalence and prevalence and clinical manifestations of congenital infection in China

Wang, Shiwen; Wang, Tongzhan; Zhang, Wenqiang; More

Medicine. 96(5):e6007, February 2017.

Clinical Case Report

Retrospective study of intravascular large B-cell lymphoma cases diagnosed in Quebec: A retrospective study of 29 case reports

Brunet, Vanessa; Marouan, Sofia; Routy, Jean-Pierre; More

Medicine. 96(5):e5985, February 2017.

Quality Improvement Study

Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies in Epidemiology

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