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June 2016 - Volume 95 - Issue 26
pp: e71b8-e71b8,e3378-e4088

Clinical Case Report

Loss of tubular creatinine secretion as the only sign of tubular proximal cell dysfunction in light chain proximal tubulopathy: A case report

Stehlé, Thomas; Vignon, Marguerite; Flamant, Martin; More

Medicine. 95(26):e3815, June 2016.

Severe hyponatremia caused by nab-paclitaxel-induced syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion: A case report in a patient with metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Neuzillet, Cindy; Babai, Samy; Kempf, Emmanuelle; More

Medicine. 95(26):e4006, June 2016.

Social isolation and cancer management after the 2011 triple disaster in Fukushima, Japan: A case report of breast cancer with patient and provider delay

Ozaki, Akihiko; Leppold, Claire; Tsubokura, Masaharu; More

Medicine. 95(26):e4027, June 2016.

Sentinel node navigation surgery for gastroduodenal neuroendocrine tumors: Two case reports

Arigami, Takaaki; Uenosono, Yoshikazu; Yanagita, Shigehiro; More

Medicine. 95(26):e4063, June 2016.

Observational Study

Demographic and clinical characteristics related to cognitive decline in Alzheimer disease in China: A multicenter survey from 2011 to 2014

Peng, Dantao; Shi, Zhihong; Xu, Jun; More

Medicine. 95(26):e3727, June 2016.

18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography and the risk of subsequent aortic complications in giant-cell arteritis: A multicenter cohort of 130 patients

de Boysson, Hubert; Liozon, Eric; Lambert, Marc; More

Medicine. 95(26):e3851, June 2016.

Analysis of contemporary HIV/AIDS health care costs in Germany: Driving factors and distribution across antiretroviral therapy lines

Treskova, Marina; Kuhlmann, Alexander; Bogner, Johannes; More

Medicine. 95(26):e3961, June 2016.

Clinicopathologic characteristics, treatment, and outcomes of tubulointerstitial nephritis and uveitis syndrome in adults: A national retrospective strobe-compliant study

Legendre, Mathieu; Devilliers, Hervé; Perard, Laurent; More

Medicine. 95(26):e3964, June 2016.

Infective endocarditis in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: A multicenter, prospective, cohort study

Dominguez, Fernando; Ramos, Antonio; Bouza, Emilio; More

Medicine. 95(26):e4008, June 2016.

Interleukin-10 -1082 G/A gene polymorphisms in Egyptian children with CAP: A case–control study

Azab, Seham F.; Abdalhady, Mohamed A.; Elsaadany, Hosam F.; More

Medicine. 95(26):e4013, June 2016.

CYP2C19 loss-of-function alleles are not associated with clinical outcome of clopidogrel therapy in patients treated with newer-generation drug-eluting stents

Choi, Ik Jun; Koh, Yoon-Seok; Park, Mahn-Won; More

Medicine. 95(26):e4049, June 2016.

Tropheryma whipplei endocarditis in Spain: Case reports of 17 prospective cases

García-Álvarez, Lara; Sanz, María Mercedes; Marín, Mercedes; More

Medicine. 95(26):e4058, June 2016.

Pathophysiological and diagnostic implications of cardiac biomarkers and antidiuretic hormone release in distinguishing immersion pulmonary edema from decompression sickness

Louge, Pierre; Coulange, Mathieu; Beneton, Frederic; More

Medicine. 95(26):e4060, June 2016.

Meta-Analysis of Observ Studies in Epidemiology

Diagnostic Accuracy Study

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Meta-analysis of Observational Studies in Epidemiology

Quality Improvement Study

The clinical usefulness of a web-based messaging system between patients with Crohn disease and their physicians

Jeong, Da Eun; Kim, Kyeong Ok; Jang, Byung Ik; More

Medicine. 95(26):e4028, June 2016.