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Outcome and risk factors associated with extent of central nervous system injury due to exertional heat stroke

Yang, Mengmeng; Li, Zhi; Zhao, Yan; More

Medicine. 96(44):e8417, November 2017.

Usability verification of the Emergency Trauma Score (EMTRAS) and Rapid Emergency Medicine Score (REMS) in patients with trauma: A retrospective cohort study

Park, Hyun Oh; Kim, Jong Woo; Kim, Sung Hwan; More

Medicine. 96(44):e8449, November 2017.

Case of a cardiac arrest patient who survived after extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation and 1.5 hours of resuscitation: A case report

Moon, Seong Ho; Kim, Jong Woo; Byun, Joung Hun; More

Medicine. 96(47):e8646, November 2017.

Should we consider IgG hypogammaglobulinemia a risk factor for severe complications of Ludwig angina?: A case report and review of the literature

Baez-Pravia, Orville V.; Díaz-Cámara, Miriam; De La, Oscar; More

Medicine. 96(47):e8708, November 2017.

The thorax trauma severity score and the trauma and injury severity score: Do they predict in-hospital mortality in patients with severe thoracic trauma?A retrospective cohort...

Moon, Seong Ho; Kim, Jong Woo; Byun, Joung Hun; More

Medicine. 96(42):e8317, October 2017.

Could dysnatremias play a role as independent factors to predict mortality in surgical critically ill patients?

Nicolini, Edson A.; Nunes, Roosevelt S.; Santos, Gabriela V.; More

Medicine. 96(9):e6182, March 2017.

Screening for hereditary angioedema (HAE) at 13 emergency centers in Osaka, Japan: A prospective observational study

Hirose, Tomoya; Kimbara, Futoshi; Shinozaki, Masahiro; More

Medicine. 96(6):e6109, February 2017.

Incidence and risk factors of acute kidney injury associated with continuous intravenous high-dose vancomycin in critically ill patients: A retrospective cohort study

Lacave, Guillaume; Caille, Vincent; Bruneel, Fabrice; More

Medicine. 96(7):e6023, February 2017.

A comparison of a traditional endotracheal tube versus ETView SL in endotracheal intubation during different emergency conditions: A randomized, crossover cadaver trial

Truszewski, Zenon; Krajewski, Pawel; Fudalej, Marcin; More

Medicine. 95(44):e5170, November 2016.

Optic nerve sheath diameter threshold by ocular ultrasonography for detection of increased intracranial pressure in Korean adult patients with brain lesions

Lee, Si Un; Jeon, Jin Pyeong; Lee, Hannah; More

Medicine. 95(41):e5061, October 2016.

The thromboelastometric discrepancy between septic and trauma induced disseminated intravascular coagulation diagnosed by the scoring system from the Japanese association for...

Koami, Hiroyuki; Sakamoto, Yuichiro; Sakurai, Ryota; More

Medicine. 95(31):e4514, August 2016.

Safety and feasibility of the RhinoChill immediate transnasal evaporative cooling device during out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation: A single-center, observational study

Grave, Marie-Sophie; Sterz, Fritz; Nürnberger, Alexander; More

Medicine. 95(34):e4692, August 2016.

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