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Factors influencing erythrocyte sedimentation rate in adults: New evidence for an old test

Alende-Castro, Vanessa; Alonso-Sampedro, Manuela; Vazquez-Temprano, Nuria; More

Medicine. 98(34):e16816, August 2019.

An observational study on the effect of premature ventricular complex burden on long-term outcome

Lin, Chin-Yu; Chang, Shih-Lin; Lin, Yenn-Jiang; More

Medicine. 96(1):e5476, January 2017.

Risk factors of malignant fluorodeoxyglucose-avid lymph node on preablation positron emission tomography in patients with papillary thyroid cancer undergoing radioiodine ablation therapy

Cho, Sang-Geon; Kwon, Seong Young; Kim, Jahae; More

Medicine. 98(16):e14858, April 2019.

Patient With Severe Hyponatremia Caused by Adrenal Insufficiency Due to Ectopic Posterior Pituitary Lobe and Miscommunication Between Hypothalamus and Pituitary: A Case Report

Grammatiki, Maria; Rapti, Eleni; Mousiolis, Athanasios C.; More

Medicine. 95(10):e2872, March 2016.