Cancer Stem Cells: Master Gatekeepers and Regulators of Cancer Growth and Metastasis
Published May 2018

Clinical Case Report

Observational Study

Retrospective study to identify risk factors for chronic kidney disease in children with congenital solitary functioning kidney detected by neonatal renal ultrasound screening

Urisarri, Adela; Gil, Marta; Mandiá, Natalia; More

Medicine. 97(32):e11819, August 2018.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Quality Improvement Study

Diagnostic Accuracy Study

Improved differentiation between high- and low-grade gliomas by combining dual-energy CT analysis and perfusion CT

Kaichi, Yoko; Tatsugami, Fuminari; Nakamura, Yuko; More

Medicine. 97(32):e11670, August 2018.

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Study Protocol Systematic Review