Cancer Stem Cells: Master Gatekeepers and Regulators of Cancer Growth and Metastasis
Published May 2018

Observational Study

Prior vaccinations improve immunogenicity of inactivated influenza vaccine in young children aged 6 months to 3 years: A cohort study

Ito, Kazuya; Mugitani, Ayumi; Irie, Shin; More

Medicine. 97(29):e11551, July 2018.

Classification of death causes after transplantation (CLASS): Evaluation of methodology and initial results

Wareham, Neval Ete; Da Cunha-Bang, Caspar; Borges, Álvaro H.; More

Medicine. 97(29):e11564, July 2018.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Clinical Case Report

Intracranial tuberculous mass lesions treated with thalidomide in an immunocompetent child from a low tuberculosis endemic country: A case report

Caraffa, Emanuela; Russo, Gianluca; Vita, Serena; More

Medicine. 97(29):e11186, July 2018.

Diagnostic Accuracy Study

Economic Evaluation Study

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Study Protocol Systematic Review

Study Protocol Clinical Trial