May 2018 - Volume 97 - Issue 21

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  • 1536-5964
  • Weekly
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Cancer Stem Cells: Master Gatekeepers and Regulators of Cancer Growth and Metastasis
Published September 2016

Observational Study

Prevalence of CD30 immunostaining in neoplastic mast cells: A retrospective immunohistochemical study

Russano de Paiva Silva, Geisilene; Tournier, Emilie; Sarian, Luis Otávio; More

Medicine. 97(21):e10642, May 2018.

Clinical impact of the alpha-galactosidase A gene single nucleotide polymorphism -10C>T: A single-center observational study

Oder, Daniel; Liu, Dan; Üçeyler, Nurcan; More

Medicine. 97(21):e10669, May 2018.

Study of the evolution and variability of nontraumatic orthopedic surgeries in Brazil—9 years of follow-up: A database study

Luciano, Alexandre de Paiva; Almeida, Tábata Cristina do Carmo; dos Santos Figueiredo, Francisco Winter; More

Medicine. 97(21):e10703, May 2018.

Comparison of standard-dose 3-weekly cisplatin and low-dose weekly cisplatin for concurrent chemoradiation of patients with locally advanced head and neck squamous cell cancer: A multicenter retrospective analysis

Lee, So Yeon; Choi, Yoon Seok; Song, Ik-Chan; More

Medicine. 97(21):e10778, May 2018.

Study Protocol Systematic Review

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Clinical Case Report

Study Protocol Clinical Trial

Exploring synergistic effects of aerobic exercise and mindfulness training on cognitive function in older adults: Protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial

Salmoirago-Blotcher, Elena; DeCosta, Julie; Harris, Kristie; More

Medicine. 97(21):e10626, May 2018.

Tranexamic acid use during total hip arthroplasty: A single center retrospective analysis

Stoicea, Nicoleta; Moran, Kenneth; Mahmoud, Abdel-Rasoul; More

Medicine. 97(21):e10720, May 2018.

Efficacy and safety of thread embedding acupuncture combined with conventional acupuncture for chronic low back pain: A study protocol for a randomized, controlled, assessor-blinded, multicenter clinical trial

Leem, Jungtae; Kim, Hyunho; Jo, Hee-Geun; More

Medicine. 97(21):e10790, May 2018.

Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies in Epidemiology

Quality Improvement Study

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Diagnostic Accuracy Study