August 2018 - Volume 97 - Issue 33
pp: e11353-e12066

Clinical Case Report

The utility of FDG-PET/CT imaging in the evaluation of multicentric reticulohistiocytosis: A case report

Asano, Tomoyuki; Suzutani, Ken; Watanabe, Aya; More

Medicine. 97(33):e11449, August 2018.

Study Protocol Clinical Trial

Nurses’ knowledge and practices in the face of the challenge of using the systematization of nursing care as an instrument of assistance in a first aid in Brazil

Silva, Rosicley S. da; Bezerra, Italla M.P.; Monteiro, Carlos B.M.; More

Medicine. 97(33):e11509, August 2018.

Observational Study

Sexual behavior across the transition to adulthood and sexually transmitted infections: Findings from the national survey of human papillomavirus prevalence (POP-Brazil)

Wendland, Eliana Marcia; Horvath, Jaqueline Driemeyer Correia; Kops, Natália Luiza; More

Medicine. 97(33):e11758, August 2018.

Preoperative radiologic predictors of successful soft tissue release surgery for hip subluxation among cerebral palsy patients: A STROBE compliant study

Ha, Myongsu; Okamoto, Takashi; Fukuta, Toshitsugu; More

Medicine. 97(33):e11847, August 2018.

Surgical decompression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (LFCN) for Meralgia paresthetica treatment: Experimental or state of the art? A single-center outcome analysis

Schwaiger, Karl; Panzenbeck, Paul; Purschke, Martin; More

Medicine. 97(33):e11914, August 2018.

Detection of spleen, kidney and liver infarcts by abdominal computed tomography does not affect the outcome in patients with left-side infective endocarditis

Parra, José A.; Hernández, Luis; Muñoz, Patricia; More

Medicine. 97(33):e11952, August 2018.

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Meta-Analysis of Observ Studies in Epidemiology

Study Protocol Systematic Review

Quality Improvement Study

Diagnostic Accuracy Study