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Articles by Mikael Ebbo, MD

Ophthalmic manifestations in IgG4-related disease: Clinical presentation and response to treatment in a French case-series

Ebbo, Mikael; Patient, Matthieu; Grados, Aurelie; More

Medicine. 96(10):e6205, March 2017.

Sarcoidosis Occurring After Solid Cancer: A Nonfortuitous Association: Report of 12 Cases and Review of the Literature

Grados, Aurélie; Ebbo, Mikael; Bernit, Emmanuelle; More

Medicine. 94(28):e928, July 2015.

IgG4-Related Systemic Disease: Features and Treatment Response in a French Cohort: Results of a Multicenter Registry

Ebbo, Mikael; Daniel, Laurent; Pavic, Michel; More

Medicine. 91(1):49-56, January 2012.