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Articles by Chang-Yun Yoon, MD

Prevalence of depression and suicidal ideation increases proportionally with renal function decline, beginning from early stages of chronic kidney disease

Jhee, Jong H.; Lee, Eun; Cha, Min-Uk; More

Medicine. 96(44):e8476, November 2017.

Electrolyte and mineral disturbances in septic acute kidney injury patients undergoing continuous renal replacement therapy

Jung, Su-Young; Kim, Hyunwook; Park, Seohyun; More

Medicine. 95(36):e4542, September 2016.

Neck circumference predicts renal function decline in overweight women: A community-based prospective cohort study

Yoon, Chang-Yun; Park, Jung Tak; Jhee, Jong Hyun; More

Medicine. 95(36):e4844, September 2016.

Glycemic Control Modifies Difference in Mortality Risk Between Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis in Incident Dialysis Patients With Diabetes: Results From a Nationwide Prospective Cohort in Korea

Lee, Mi Jung; Kwon, Young Eun; Park, Kyoung Sook; More

Medicine. 95(11):e3118, March 2016.

Change of Nutritional Status Assessed Using Subjective Global Assessment Is Associated With All-Cause Mortality in Incident Dialysis Patients

Kwon, Young Eun; Kee, Youn Kyung; Yoon, Chang-Yun; More

Medicine. 95(7):e2714, February 2016.