Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Medicine®, a Wolters Kluwer Health publication and one of the most respected and frequently cited journals in general medicine, is pleased to announce the launch of Medicine®: Gastroenterology and Hepatology, an online channel of content specifically dedicated to the publication and distribution of Gastroenterology and Hepatology-related research within Medicine®.

Medicine®: Gastroenterology and Hepatology will consider submissions in the following subject areas:

​•  Anal and rectal disorders
​•  Gastrointestinal infections
​•  Appendicitis
​•  Gastrointestinal motility disorders
​•  Bacterial and foodborne illness
​•  Inflammatory bowel disease
​•  Biliary disorders
​•  Liver diseases
​•  Celiac disease
​•  Pancreas
​•  Colon
​•  Pediatric gastroenterology
​•  Endoscopy
​•  Small intestine
​•  Esophagus
​•  Stomach and duodenum
​•  Gastrointestinal cancers

Submissions will be published and indexed under the Medicine® ISSN.

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1615 results

Prognostic implications of the eighth edition of the union for international cancer control – classification for gastric cancer patients from specialized treatment centers in Germany and Korea: A STOBE-Compliant large-scale cohort study

Samm, Nicole; Han, Won Ho; Yoon, Hong Man; More

Medicine. 99(6):e18922, February 2020.

Direct acting antivirals treatment for hepatitis C virus infection does not increase the incidence of de novo hepatocellular carcinoma occurrence: Results from an Italian real-life cohort (LINA cohort)

Buonomo, Antonio Riccardo; Scotto, Riccardo; Coppola, Carmine; More

Medicine. 99(6):e18948, February 2020.

Ursodeoxycholic acid use is associated with significant risk of morbidity and mortality in infants with cholestasis: A strobe compliant study

Kotb, Magd Ahmed; Mosallam, Dalia; Basanti, Christine William Shaker; More

Medicine. 99(7):e18730, February 2020.

Total bile acid-to-cholesterol ratio as a novel noninvasive marker for significant liver fibrosis and cirrhosis in patients with non-cholestatic chronic hepatitis B virus infection

Yan, Li-Ting; Wang, Li-Li; Yao, Jia; More

Medicine. 99(8):e19248, February 2020.

Seattle protocol vs narrow band imaging guided biopsy in screening of Barrett's esophagus in gastroesophageal reflux disease patients

Elsheaita, Ahmed; El-Bially, Mohamed Ahmed; Shamseya, Mohammed Mohammed; More

Medicine. 99(8):e19261, February 2020.

Successful combination of endoscopic and laparoscopic removal of multiple ingested needles: A case report

Tsuruya, Kota; Chino, Osamu; Tanaka, Yoichi; More

Medicine. 99(8):e19343, February 2020.

Hematological indices as indicators of silent inflammation in achalasia patients: A cross-sectional study

López-Verdugo, Fidel; Furuzawa-Carballeda, Janette; Romero-Hernández, Fernanda; More

Medicine. 99(9):e19326, February 2020.

Anti-HBc impacts on the risk of hepatitis B reactivation but not on survival of solid-organ transplant recipients

Álvarez-López, Patricia; Riveiro-Barciela, Mar; Oleas-Vega, Diana; More

Medicine. 99(9):e19407, February 2020.

Serum zinc concentration and quality of life in chronic liver diseases

Nishikawa, Hiroki; Enomoto, Hirayuki; Yoh, Kazunori; More

Medicine. 99(1):e18632, January 2020.

Fully covered self-expandable metal stent with an anti-migration system vs plastic stent for distal biliary obstruction caused by borderline resectable pancreatic cancer: A protocol for systematic review

Tamura, Takashi; Yamaue, Hiroki; Itonaga, Masahiro; More

Medicine. 99(3):e18718, January 2020.

Feasibility of using two-dimensional axial computed tomography in pretreatment decision making for patients with early gastric cancer

Kim, Duk Ki; Kang, Sun Hyung; Kim, Ju Seok; More

Medicine. 99(4):e18928, January 2020.

Combined albumin-bilirubin grade and Mac-2 binding protein glycosylation isomer as a useful predictor in compensated liver cirrhosis

Nishikawa, Hiroki; Enomoto, Hirayuki; Yoh, Kazunori; More

Medicine. 98(50):e18366, December 2019.

Single-nucleotide polymorphism of rs7944135 (macrophage-expressed gene 1) is associated with hepatitis B surface antigen seroclearance in chronic hepatitis B infection: A cohort study

Irham, Lalu Muhammad; Wong, Henry Sung-Ching; Perwitasari, Dyah Aryani; More

Medicine. 98(51):e17936, December 2019.