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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Become an Academic Editor for Medicine

Are you interested in joining the Medicine editorial board as an Academic Editor? In this role, you would play an essential part in ensuring that accepted content is scientifically and ethically sound, and in compliance with standard reporting guidelines.

Objectives for Academic Editors
- Supervise the review and adjudication of manuscripts submitted to your area of expertise.
- Help communicate the results of peer review to facilitate the revision of the submitted manuscripts.
- Help recruit further Academic Editors where submission volume is high.

Remuneration and Term of Office
- Academic Editors will serve for a renewable term of 1 year.
- There will be no direct financial remuneration, but Academic Editors will be acknowledged for their work on the Journal website.

For more information, please register your interest (including an updated CV) via email to Senior Publisher, Duncan MacRae: