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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Become a great peer reviewer!

Whether you are a published author looking to enhance your career, an inexperienced reviewer trying to break through and show Editors that you are ready, or an experience reviewer trying to enhance your skill, the new Editage Reviewer Training Program could help you reach your goal!​pr.jpg

Medicine®, in partnership with Editage, is proud to announce the new reviewer training courses that provide essential training for new and established peer reviewers.  Offer both a free basic course and a paid for advanced course, reviewers can learn how to become more advanced peer reviewers and ensure that they are providing the best feedback they can on a manuscript.

The advanced course is $200, but currently being offered for $60 for a limited time! The course also includes:

  • Downloadable tools
  • Advanced tips
  • Practice review assignments
  • Certificate of completion

To enroll or to find out more information, visit the Peer Review Training Courses page!