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Friday, January 27, 2017

Join the movement for change: Fix what’s broken in academic publishing

Editage Insights, a learning-based platform for researchers and journals, has developed an in-depth, global survey for academic researchers, with the objective of making the voice of the global author community known. We would be very happy if you could join this movement to (1) share your opinion on the academic publishing system, (2) talk about the main challenges you face in getting published in international English-language journals, and (3) discuss what's broken in the journal publishing system.

The perception that academic publishing is broken in many ways has led to several innovations in the system — new models of peer review, new impact metrics, and the emphasis on science for the public. You may have your own complaints about many aspects of the publishing process. Since you, as authors, lie at the heart of academic publishing, this survey aims to shed light on what is broken from an author's perspective. This is your opportunity to stop complaining and be heard!

To provide some background, a few years ago, we had published a survey of East Asian authors and international journal editors. This survey opened our eyes to many gaps that exist between the perspectives of authors and journal editors. The survey findings were shared at various industry conferences. If you would like a copy of the publication, we would be happy to email it to you.

It would be great if you could share the survey with as many fellow authors as you can reach: Get them to join this movement for change by promoting it on your website or sharing the link on your social media profile. We'd be happy to support you with additional information, banners, or anything you need. Additionally, your inputs as a research author would definitely add value to our survey responses, so I request you to spare about 15 minutes to take the survey yourself.

Help us augment the voice of researchers globally and make the publishing system more author-friendly. 

Click here for the survey.