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Thursday, March 8, 2018


Medicine® and Publons: Recognising review

Medicine® is proud to be partnered with Publons to recognise our expert peer reviewers and raise the status of peer review.

What is Publons?

Publons is a free service for researchers to effortlessly track, verify and showcase their previously hidden reviewing and editorial contributions across all the world's journals, without compromising reviewer anonymity or infringing upon journal review models.

With a Publons account, researchers have access to verified evidence of their peer review and editorial contributions for inclusion in their CV, bio, and funding and promotion applications.

Why recognise review?

Peer review is at the heart of the research ecosystem. We rely on our peer reviewers to help validate findings, qualify their importance and identify misleading or fraudulent work. Expert peer review improves the quality of scholarly communication and pace of discovery.

For years, peer review work has not been appropriately recognized, largely because the fragmented and anonymous nature of the work made it hard for researchers to provide evidence of all their reviewing contributions. With increasing pressure to publish and inadequate recognition for review, it is easy to understand why many researchers find little time for reviewing.

By giving researchers the recognition they deserve for their critical peer review and editorial contributions, we can improve the speed and quality of research communication.

"Publons is a perfect way to keep a validated track-record of contributions as a reviewer. This is a great way to keep my reviewer activity organised and documented for academic documents like CV and promotion applications." Timothy R Angeli


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Whether you are a published author looking to enhance your career, an inexperienced reviewer trying to break through and show Editors that you are ready, or an experience reviewer trying to enhance your skill, the new Editage Reviewer Training Program could help you reach your goal!​pr.jpg

Medicine®, in partnership with Editage, is proud to announce the new reviewer training courses that provide essential training for new and established peer reviewers.  Offer both a free basic course and a paid for advanced course, reviewers can learn how to become more advanced peer reviewers and ensure that they are providing the best feedback they can on a manuscript.

The advanced course is $200, but currently being offered for $60 for a limited time! The course also includes:

  • Downloadable tools
  • Advanced tips
  • Practice review assignments
  • Certificate of completion

To enroll or to find out more information, visit the Peer Review Training Courses page!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Medicine® is happy to announce that we have integrated the CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy) project into our editorial manager workflow system. CRediT allows researchers to identify manuscript contributions roles during submission that go beyond just name identification. CRediT enables more transparency to the published work and allows authors to receive credit for individual contributions towards the manuscript.

​How it works: During submission when a corresponding author adds additional authors to the author list they can select each additional author's contribution roles from a list of 14 selections. More than one contribution can be selected for each author.

Benefits of CRediT adoption

• Accuracy & transparency – Granular and standardized capture of contributor roles

• Enables better reviewer selection – Editors can better select appropriate reviewers

• Impact – Improved and more accurate measurement of individual impact

Again, we are pleased to be able to offer this author benefit in the journal and ensure that each author contribution is recognized. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

​It is our great pleasure to thank all of the reviewers that put their time and effort into reviewing articles for Medicine®. In the last issue of published in 2016 we published a list of all reviewers that performed at least one review for the journal. Medicine®: Thank You to Our Reviewers 2016.

In addition, we would like to highlight the reviewers who qualified for the Medicine® Excellent Reviewer Reward in 2016. 

Quality peer review plays an essential role in the decisions to accept and publish an article in Medicine®. All original material presented in Medicine® undergoes rigorous multi-factorial double-blinded peer-review by carefully selecting dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who are experts in their field.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Editage Insights, a learning-based platform for researchers and journals, has developed an in-depth, global survey for academic researchers, with the objective of making the voice of the global author community known. We would be very happy if you could join this movement to (1) share your opinion on the academic publishing system, (2) talk about the main challenges you face in getting published in international English-language journals, and (3) discuss what's broken in the journal publishing system.

The perception that academic publishing is broken in many ways has led to several innovations in the system — new models of peer review, new impact metrics, and the emphasis on science for the public. You may have your own complaints about many aspects of the publishing process. Since you, as authors, lie at the heart of academic publishing, this survey aims to shed light on what is broken from an author's perspective. This is your opportunity to stop complaining and be heard!

To provide some background, a few years ago, we had published a survey of East Asian authors and international journal editors. This survey opened our eyes to many gaps that exist between the perspectives of authors and journal editors. The survey findings were shared at various industry conferences. If you would like a copy of the publication, we would be happy to email it to you.

It would be great if you could share the survey with as many fellow authors as you can reach: Get them to join this movement for change by promoting it on your website or sharing the link on your social media profile. We'd be happy to support you with additional information, banners, or anything you need. Additionally, your inputs as a research author would definitely add value to our survey responses, so I request you to spare about 15 minutes to take the survey yourself.

Help us augment the voice of researchers globally and make the publishing system more author-friendly. 

Click here for the survey.