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Using Theory to Inform and Guide Perinatal Bereavement Care

Responses of parents to miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death vary dramatically, from little or no grief to highly intense, profound, and unbearable grief, especially during the first and second trimesters when meaning can vary greatly. Drs. Hutti and Limbo explain how theory can guide nursing practice in the care of parents experiencing perinatal grief and loss.

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Application of Caring Theory to Nursing Care of Women Experiencing Stillbirth

Swanson's theory of caring has application to nursing care of women experiencing stillbirth. In this study, 20 labor and birth nurses share their perceptions of caring for women who have had a stillbirth. Findings suggest the five caring processes described by Swanson enhance the nurse-patient relationship and the bereaved mother's wellbeing.

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New Mothers' Experiences with Online Postpartum Forums

Most new mothers use the Internet. An on-line forum for new mothers can offer peer support, especially in the first few months at home with the new baby. In this study, new mothers describe their experiences with on-line support during the first six months postpartum.

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Support for Young Black Urban Women After Perinatal Loss

Young black women shared their experiences with perinatal loss at three points during the 12 weeks after their loss. There are opportunities at several points of transition in the perinatal bereavement trajectory when nurses can offer culturally sensitive bereavement support. Suggestions for nursing care during each time frame are presented based on study findings.

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