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Walking on Eggshells: An Update on the Stigmatizing of Teen Mothers

Teen mothers are stigmatized in the media and health care settings. Stereotypes and discrimination contribute to stress, social isolation, and health disparities. Teen mothers are keen to show that they differ from the stereotypical teen mom. A review of stigmatization of teen mothers is presented, along with suggestions for nurses to be supportive and avoid unintentional negative behaviors when caring for teen mothers.

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Mothers Who Engage in Long-Term Informal Milk Sharing

When some new mothers are unable to breastfeed, they seek human milk through informal sources, usually located on line. Three new mothers who obtained human milk for their babies via informal milk sharing networks offer insight into their experiences. Suggestions for helping nurses, midwives, physicians, and other health care providers become more familiar with this process and offer support to their patients are included.

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Timing of Prenatal Care Initiation and Psychological Wellbeing in Black Women

There are numerous barriers to initiation of prenatal care, some of which may be more prominent among Black women in the United States. In this study, one-third of Black women reported that they did not have their first prenatal visit as early as they wanted. They reported lower levels of psychological wellbeing compared with Black women who initiated prenatal care as early as they wanted. More work is needed on facilitating timely prenatal care for this vulnerable group of mothers.

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Pain and Depression Symptoms During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

In the third trimester of pregnancy, pain affects more than two-thirds of women and may occur with and without depression symptoms. In this study, 132 women during third trimester pregnancy responded to questions about pain and depressive symptoms, Although the value of universal depression screening during pregnancy is widely recognized, findings suggest clinical outcomes for pregnant women would improve with a standardized, multi-dimensional screen for both pain and depression symptoms. Nurses are in an ideal position to assess and advocate for the combined treatment of pain and depression.

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Breastfeeding Monitoring Improves Maternal Self-Efficacy and Satisfaction

Breastfeeding apps available on smart phones may be a helpful tool for new mothers to achieve their breastfeeding goals. In this study, mothers used the breastfeeding app for 3 months postpartum while breastfeeding. When compared to mothers who did not use the app, those that did had higher scores on maternal self-efficacy and satisfaction with breastfeeding.

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Connecting with Families through Virtual Perinatal Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many changes to maternity care have been initiated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. New York City was one of the initial epicenters of the virus in the United States. In this article, nurses from a hospital system in New York City share their experiences in abruptly transitioning all of their perinatal education classes to a virtual format to meet the needs of their patients while keeping them safe.

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