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Emerging Views of Kinships Created Through Oocyte Donation

The United States has the highest number of oocyte donation cycles, which account for an estimated one quarter of those worldwide. There is minimal evidence to support understanding of kinship views of those intimately involved. In this study, women who were donor oocyte recipients and their partners, as well as women who were oocyte donors, were interviewed 10 to 12 years after the procedure.

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Parental Concerns about Newborn Feeding Post Hospital Discharge

Many new parents have questions about infant feeding after discharge from the hospital. In this project, parents of preterm and term babies and those being breastfed, bottle-fed, or a combination of both attending a post discharge feeding clinic share their infant feeding concerns. Strategies to help parents with feeding challenges are included.

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Korean Immigrant Women's Postpartum Experiences in the United States

Korean Americans are one of the six largest Asian American subgroups, representing 9% of the Asian American population in the United States, however they have not been well represented in studies of postpartum depression. In this study, Korean women who had immigrated to the United States were interviewed about their postpartum experience.

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Pregnant African American Women's Perceptions of Neighborhood, Racial Discrimination, and Psychological Distress as Influences on Birth Outcomes

African American women are more likely to experience preterm birth compared with White women. Social factors such as neighborhood disorder and experiences of racial discrimination, which disproportionately affect African American women, may partially explain these disparities. In this study pregnant African American women were interviewed to get their perceptions of neighborhood disorder, racial discrimination, and psychological distress and whether these concepts were viewed as influences on birth outcomes.

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